27 April 2010

Trying to clean my room.

This is kinda just started cleaning. I've taken the large cushion that is usually on the floor and chucked it on my bed, along with all the random clothes scattered across the room. LOOK AT ALL THE DUST UNDER MY BED!!!! OMG THAT'S GROSS!!!!!

My desk, just enough room for me to use the computer, and that's about it! Check out my haggard mousepad. HAHAHA so need a new one =D

The floor in front of my tv. I spend most of my time on the aforementioned cushion, all the semi-important things are on the floor in front of me, or stuff that has come out of my bag, and all the DVDs I've watched in the last month (because I'm too lazy to put them away)

DVD shelf is the worst. it's not in order and there are DVDs everywhere, even empty covers and discs without covers. I really should stay on top of it, but instead I wait 6 months and then spend months procrastinating about organising it (or paying my little sister $20 to do it for me)

I, hopefully, will finish cleaning today and then I will post a REAL post. =D