31 May 2010

Question Time

December last year I asked you who your current celebrity crush is. And since my choice of celebrity crushes changes almost as much as I change clothes, I thought I'd ask again so...

Whose your current celebrity crush/crushes?

First off (and most current) The Umbilical Brothers. If you don't know who they are, they are an Australia comedy duo, whose show can pretty much be described as Mime, with sound. They are Dave (The one with hair) & Shane (The one without hair) and they're hilarious.
 I've seen them live 3 times and met them twice. The second time we saw them, they tried to pull my sister onto the stage, but she said no, and after the show they came out and straight over to us, and told us that Kaitlin (my sister) was the first one ever to say NO =D They were very impressed. Their DVDs, Speedmouse (seen the live show) and Don't Explain (haven't seen the live show) are hilarious. I own both. PS They're not really brothers & I know they're not the greatest looking blokes, but fuck are they funny and really that's all that really matters =D

MICHAEL FASSBENDER. He played Lt. Archie Hicox in Inglourious Basterds, but what has got me loving him, is the fact that he is going to be playing my favourite classic literary character of all time.... Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre. And during my search for more information about Jane Eyre I came across this, very striking, very SEXY photo of Mr. Fassbender...
I've never been a fan of facial hair, but GOD! HOT! He was born in Germany, but raised in the UK. He speaks English & German and apparently he was in 300 (I will have to rent it and see) Here's a couple more photos of Michael Fassbender... Just because...

And lastly, Sharlto Copley. You all know how excited I am to see The A Team, when it finally comes out. Even more excited about seeing it, then I currently am about going to Melbourne (4 weeks). I can't wait to see Sharlto Copley in a humorous role. In the trailer they show his character (Murdock) trying to start a car with defibrillators and getting shocked and it's hilarious.
There is something about his South African accent that just gets me. I've never been a fan of SA accents but his.... *swoon*

Anyway, now it's your turn. Either post on your blog (but let me know) or just comment here. I would love to hear from you.

Princess Geek

WA Baby Names 2009

Stolen from Jordie, but altered accordingly

1 Ella
2 Emily
3 Olivia
4 Sienna
5 Charlotte
6 Chloe
6 Sophie
7 Mia
8 Grace
9 Jessica
10 Hannah
11 Isabella
12 Emma
12 Jasmine
13 Hayley
14 Lily
15 Georgia
16 Ava
17 Ruby
18 Holly
19 Imogen
20 Chelsea
20 Matilda
21 Amy
22 Madison
23 Sarah
24 Amelia
25 Elizabeth
26 Isabelle
27 Lauren
28 Jade
28 Paige
29 Tahlia
30 Kate
30 Lucy
31 Tayla
32 Bella <---- of course it's there!
33 Amber
34 Alyssa
35 Summer
36 Kayla
36 Mikayla
36 Molly <---- my unofficial name. All my family call me Molly
37 Caitlin <----- little sisters name, except hers starts with a K.
37 Jorja
37 Samantha
38 Chloe
38 Maddison
39 Abigail
39 Dakota
39 Keira
40 Brooke
40 Eva
40 Leah
40 Skye
41 Kaitlyn
41 Lilly
41 Phoebe
42 Abby
42 Brianna
42 Claire
42 Mackenzie
42 Makayla
42 Savannah
42 Sophia
43 Abbey
43 Erin
43 Zoe <---- GRRR!
44 Indiana
44 Kiara
44 Rachel
45 Charlize
45 Katie
45 Rebecca
45 Tia
46 Ashlee
46 Charli
46 Ebony
46 Maya
46 Poppy
47 Ellie
47 Stella
47 Tara
48 Ashleigh
48 Bianca
48 Gemma
48 Jorda
48 Lara
48 Stephanie
49 Zoe <---- why is it twice? maybe one has funny "thingys" above the letters
49 Alice
49 Angelina
49 Eliza
49 Eloise
49 Monique
50 Alexandra <---- little sisters name
50 Asha
50 Caitlyn
50 Jenna <---- double GRRRR =P
50 Laura
50 Sofia
50 Taya
50 Tessa

1 Jack
2 Thomas
3 Lachlan
4 Joshua
5 James
6 Luke
7 Liam
8 Riley
9 William
10 Ethan
11 Benjamin
12 Samuel
13 Jake
14 Daniel
14 Dylan
15 Noah
16 Matthew
17 Jacob
18 Ryan
19 Tyler
20 Oliver
21 Michael
22 Cooper
23 Blake
23 Harrison
23 Mitchell
24 Connor
24 Seth
25 Alexander
25 Lucas
26 Bailey
27 Jayden
28 Nicholas
29 Jordan
30 Cameron
30 Charlie
31 Max
32 Caleb
32 Jackson
33 Logan
34 Declan
35 Zachary
36 Adam
36 Aiden
36 Isaac
37 Harry
37 Jesse
37 Tyson
37 Xavier
38 Nathan
38 Taj
39 Angus
39 Brodie
39 Jaxon
39 Toby
40 Joseph
41 Ashton
41 Hayden
41 Kai
42 Cody
43 Sebastian
44 Alex
44 Callum
44 Corey
44 Joel
45 Oscar
46 Brandon
47 Aaron
47 Austin
47 David
47 Tristan
47 Zac
48 Jamie
49 Anthony
49 Beau
49 Mason
49 Owen
50 Charles

This list is from the WA official name popularity ka-jigger list party for 2009.
I bolded the names I love, and left some commertary on some names. They forgot some names =D
Here's the names they missed. Westley, Tennant & Barnaby for boys, and Daisy, Delilah & Jemimah for girls. I surprised by the lack of Edwards in WA, obviously West Aussies are smarter than I thought =P
I think if I ever had children I would like to have a girl, but I have so many awesome names for boys. Do you think I could get away with calling my daughter Westley or Tennant?

Princess Geek

30 May 2010

Beetle Necklace

I am completely in love with this necklace.
Yep, those are bugs.
It's so awesome.

that is all.

Princess Geek

29 May 2010


Today I tweeted Ryan Shelton (The 7pm Project and Rove) about the new TMNT movie, he was worried that Michael Bay (Transformers) will be directing, which means that it might as well have a zero star rating straight away (I actually like Michael Bay movies, but hey) but I looked into it and found out that Michael Bay is only onboard to produce. So I let Ryan know. Well Ryan retweeted it today, and let's say I'm a little star struck, again. It's not the first time Ryan has mentioned me, or replied to me on Twitter.
See photo for proof (5 tweets down) (click to enlarge)

Hahaha, yeah I'm a dork.... But what's new??? I love Ryan Shelton, I haven't had the opportunity to watch The 7pm Project, because it's not on TV here, but I loved loved loved Rove.

-- Post From My iPad (Barnaby)

iPad Screenshots Part One

I really hate having shaped internet, and I'm pretty sure all of you guys do to, because I seem to complain a lot and not post very exciting posts.
Today I went to morning tea with the family. Logan was there (he's my 13 month old cousin) and after morning tea I kidnapped him and went and played in the playground. He's just started walking, he's still a little unsteady, but if you hold his hand he walls fine. He's soooooooooo cute. I loved the swings, and the seesaw. There were lots of other small children at the playground, so Logan spent most of the time watching them.
After morning tea I went shopping with Mum and my 2 little sisters. Mum bought them stuff, I didn't get anything, but I don't care, I think, being 23 and still living at home is enough, I don't need to spend her money as well. I did, however, buy someone a birthday present, and some white polar fleece to make Barnaby a nice snug case. (I have a shiny silver tote, that I'm going to cut up. Shiny silver on the outside and toasty warm, soft white polar fleece on the inside.) Speaking of Barnaby, I took some screen shots of various things to show you.

Homescreen as of Friday 28th May 2010.
iPad Home Screen 28/05/10
Not very much there at the moment (thanks to shaped internet). Magic Piano is awesome and addictive. The background, at the moment, is just one of the ones already on the iPad. It matches pretty well with my Lockscreen background...
iPad Screenshot - Lock Screen

Here's what my blog looks like in Safari on the iPad. Looks pretty good =D
iPad Screenshot - Safari (My Blog)

Here's iBooks, and some of the books I have. Soon I will have lots and lots and lots.
iPad Screenshot - iBooks

This is what the iPod section looks like. It's a lot nicer than the iPhone/iPod Touch version, but I don't see myself using the iPod much on the iPad. Maybe once I have a dock and some good speakers, it would make a really cool sound system, but as a portable device, I'd much rather use my iPhone for music, because I can slip it in my pocket, unlike Barnaby.... hahaha, he's a fattie =D
iPad Screenshot - iPod

And last....
Watching Inglourious Basterds last night was awesome (except for the fact, that when I ripped the movie, I forgot the subtitle track that has the English subtitles for all the German bits in the movie... haha idiot, good thing I'd seen the movie already)
iPad Screenshot - Inglourious Basterds
I was afraid that the software that I downloaded (and paid for) wasn't going to do a very good job. When it was played on my computer, it looked grainy and when played on my iPhone the sound was a little off (The voices were really quite and the background sound/music was really loud) but on the iPad it works beautifully, only problem will be glare.
I can't wait to get the internet back so I can check out some more apps.

Princess Geek

28 May 2010

The Unboxing.

It's Friday morning. I spent the whole night dreaming about my iPad. I roll over and see that it's 8.05am. I haven't be woken up, so obviously my iPad hasn't arrived yet. Then I remember, Dad has to take my little sister to school, what if the courier shows up when dad is away! OH NOES. So I get out of bed... yep, at 8.05am! Needless to say, my iPad didn't show up until 9.45am. Dad came home from taking my sister to school, and hangs around for awhile (I spend most of the time, staring out the window and walking around outside) then at 9.40am dad decides to go out again! GAH! But I have given up waiting. I start to get settled in the living room to watch a movie, I decide to check the window, one more time, and there is a TNT truck in the driveway. OMG OMG OMG! I open the window and call the couriers name (he's a friend of my dads') I rush down. Then John (the courier) says "It's addressed to your dad, you can't sign for it".... ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! Luckily he was joking. As far as I know, I was the only person in Albany to get one today =D

Needless to say, it's like Christmas. After a quick photos of the shipping box (one I send to my friend Nigel, who really really really wants an iPad. with the caption "I wonder what's in this box???") and one below...
I start to unbox....
There he is. My Barnaby, safely tucked away in his box, which was safely tucked away in another box.
I pull him out and discard the packaging (well kinda.... it's all still spread across my bed)
I must of sat on my bed holding this box for about 10 minutes. Still in it's plastic wrap. Just smiling and hugging =D (yeah I already know how much of a dork I am, but I don't care) At this point, dad has come into the house, and walked in to the room 
"well let me see"
"no it's mine, you can't have, it's all mine" (imagine a spoilt 3 year old)
"are you going to open it?"
"eventually" (this was the point, I started getting nervous. What if it gets scratched? what if I drop it?)
But I continue with the unboxing.
I remove the plastic wrap and slowly pull the lid off.
And there he is. Barnaby in all his glory (already dusty, because of all the dust in my room) just sitting there, waiting to be touched.
He's quite heavy, but solid. He doesn't feel like you're going to break it with one touch. I think after awhile of not holding him probably, it might become uncomfortable. But he feels secure in your hands.
The pack is simple, with heaps of room to put my "Don't Panic" stickers.
I put Barnaby aside (not that I want to, and continue with the unboxing, but really from now on, it's kinda boring)
Under Barnaby is a little package with all the info and gaff in it... (close up, further down)
... and under that is the USB cord and power adapter (which is good, because the USB ports on my computer won't charge the iPad)
close up of the cords
close up of the info and gaff. Including 2 more BIG apple stickers. Might put one on my car.

So that's it for the unboxing. Of course, later on I will have some more photos and screenshots. I'm just so in love. I haven't found any major problems with it yet, and I can't wait to take it into the world and use it. I'm a little bit upset that I couldn't afford a 3G one, but when I think about it, I didn't need one, because the only time I will really use it is at home, and I already have internet on my phone, so if I'm desperate I can use that. My poor iPhone is already feeling rejected =( but it's still my post important portable device.
At this very moment, my little sister Alex, has Barnabynapped him and is doing god knows what to him in her room =D

Princess Geek

Guess What?

Guess where I am and what I'm using to blog?
Yep that's right. Barnaby is here and he's beautiful.
Only problem is I'm too afraid to use him because I failed to get the screen protector on so now his screen in not protected.
I'm about to get ready for work and I have to take him because I promised Nigel that I would.
Typing is amazing, even if I've got the iPad sitting practically flat on my bed, I think after a long period of typing I can see some sort of wrist troubles, but at the moment it's quite good. The keyboard is multitouch, so it's just like using a real keyboard, my main problem I have with this app in particular i'm constantly touching the sidebar and being navigated else where.
Anyhoo, work beckons. I promise to post the unboxing later tonight, after work.

-- Post From My iPad (Barnaby)

27 May 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love ThursdayFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Things I Love Thursday by princess.geek on Polyvore.com

It's Thursday again. It's taken me about an hour to create this set, because of my shaped internet =( But I did it.

♥ After Midnight Project. They're a band I discovered a couple a months ago with iTunes recommended me. They're good... really good. They're songs are catchy and the lyrics are excellent. 2 songs in particular really get to me emotionally, The Criminal & Fighting My Way Back.
♥ Empire Magazine June 2010 Issue (Australia). Featuring The A Team. Whose excited about it? I know I am. Another chance to see Sharlto Copley (District 9). As well as Bradley Cooper and Patrick Wilson.
♥ iPad. It better arrive tomorrow. I'm sure it will. As of this second (according to the tracking details) it's in transit between here and Perth. YAY!
♥ Muse. THEY'RE COMING BACK TO AUSTRALIA! and playing in Perth (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=111202642257311) - I'm so going. But I will have to get tickets as soon as they're released so I don't miss out. And with the tickets estimated to cost between $100-$120, There goes some Melbourne funds =(. Tickets are on sale June 7th.
♥ Inglourious Basterds. Haven't watched it in awhile, but I've been having Inglourious Basterd "dreams" ;) mainly concerning the Bear Jew (Eli Roth) & Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt)
♥ Futurama. I believe, a better series than The Simpson. I like it better.

and Vince Noir is for the fact that me and a guy at work have been quoting The Mighty Boosh all afternoon.

26 May 2010

Molly Is...

... an Apple fanboy.

26/05/10 <--- Today

Good afternoon.
Still iPad-less. But I expected that.
I bet you're over the iPad talk.
And here's me thinking I could of kept it a secret for the last couple of weeks.
I'm a little sad, because my internet has been shaped, so when my iPad finally does arrive, I won't be able to download apps until June 11.
I wonder if I can steal someone elses' computer to download apps.
Do you think if I install iTunes on the computers at work and download from there, anyone will notice??
HAHA Just kidding. I wouldn't do that.
Damn sister downloading Big Bang Theory =D
^ This is how I feel right now.
Pretty much the only thing I can do when the internet is shaped (apart from complaining about it) is blog, and that's because I'm constantly on this site, so it loads a lot quicker, and mr internet remembers.

It's my Grandfathers' birthday today.
I don't know how old he is (I'm a bad granddaughter)

This picture makes me sad. Poor Rhino wants to be a Unicorn =(

Anyhoo, off to afternoon tea for Papa's birthday.
<3 Melissa.

Dear Apple,

Dear Apple,
Thank you for reading my blog. I assume that you read my blog, because as of 10 minutes ago, there is a lovely box with an even lovelier box in it, which contains my Barnaby on it's way across the country (or from China... I'm not sure) straight to me (well the box is addressed to my dad, but it's still mine!) and I couldn't be any more excited.
Love Melissa

Dear Gods, Goddesses & Patron Saints of Couriers,
Please make sure my Barnaby gets to me safety and on or before Friday 28th May. I would me most grateful and will recommend you to all my friends.
Here is a box of kittens I offer to you in exchange for the safe delivery of my Barnaby.
Please give them awesome names and feed them milk and scrambled eggs.
Love Melissa
PS I've named the front ginger kitten, Barnaby, after my iPad.

Now, since my clock has just ticked over to 1am. I am off to sleep, and dream of my Barnaby.

I'm such a NERD!

25 May 2010


I completely forgot about tix for Supanova. :O

-- Post From My iPhone

Untitled For A Reason.... Well Not Really.

Hello world...
Today my best friend has been the refresh button on Apples' website.
I've practically been sitting here since I finished work @ 1pm. waiting for my order status to change from "prepared for shipment" to "shipped" but alas, no such luck.
Most Australians waiting for their iPads' have been doing the same thing. I'm surprised that apple.com hasn't crashed yet.
Dear Apple,

Work went super quick today.
There was an over abundance of people. There was Caroline and I, then Cohen (whose autistic, but completely awesome) then his helper Kelly, and Jess who was there assessing Cohen, and then Cody arrived at 10am for his shift, and to finish it all off, Boss, but he stayed in his office. There are 3 computers, 2 of them have cash-draws. So I got to do a stock take. I think I served 3 people during the whole 4 hour shift.

 i ♥ futurama

I might watch The Chronicles Of Riddick tonight.

♥ Karl Urban is pretty ♥
Want proof?
You shouldn't need it. Because it's true.

Things to do tomorrow:
Clean Room
Sort Clothes into KEEP, DONATE & THROW piles (and be ruthless)
Tidy desk area.
Sort DVDs (this will take forever!)
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I will probably procrastinate the whole day and not end up doing any of it.

I can't wait to see this movie. I haven't seen ANY of the others, but this one has Adrien Brody in it, and that's an automatic "wanna see it" from me.
Does he look hot covered in mud and gunk? or is that just me?

I started this post @ 4.30pm and it's now 8.04pm.
I think it's time to say goodbye and go and watch The Chronicle Of Riddick.



24 May 2010

Once Upon A Time

Found this set on Polyvore. It has got to be the most awesome set I have ever ever seen. PLUS there is more. 'Basically not here' makes the prettiest sets. I hope she doesn't mind that I pretty much faved them ALL!

I bought two books today. Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James. The store clerk assured me that it's NOT A VAMPIRE book. If it is, I will be most unhappy. I also bought The Clothesline Diet by Karen Gatt, hopefully to inspire weight loss motivation. I was going to buy a book about a womens' journey before, during and after a gastric banding operation, but I decided not to, I need to at least TRY to lose weight the normal way, before I even think about considering thinking about Gastric Banding.

I have managed to download .epub copies of all 7 Harry Potter books, hopefully they'll work on my iPad. I have 23 ebooks in iTunes at the moment. They include works by JK Rowling, Douglas Adams & Chuck Palahniuk, as well as some classics.

I have just realised that I'm actually working tomorrow morning. Thank god I remembered now or I would of forgotten, and it's one of my greatest fears.... missing work! I'm such a Workaholic (Sims 3 trait).

After over 2 years of blogging I'm starting to have real trouble coming up with titles for my posts. I'm such a retard.

Dirty Jobs

It's an awesome show that's on ABC2. It's kinda gross. Mike Rowe the presenter is really funny. You should check it out. Except of course, if you're a little squeamish.


iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

awesome idea, except for the fact that i think i would be too scared to actually do it. I know for a fact that no matter how "industrial strength" velcro is, doesn't mean it's gonna hold!

23 May 2010


Listening… Check out my recent tracks on LastFM
Reading… Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly
Watching… Futurama (I'm re-watching from the start for the millionth time) and Doctor Who (which is on today... 7.30pm ABCHD)
Buying… iPad! FUCK YEAH!
Wanting… my iPad. Hopefully it will ship early next week. I should have it on Friday, or early next week (at the latest)
Trying… to rip the movie Stardust onto my computer so I can have it on my iPad. It's taking forever, because I have it at the highest quality output. Next movie will be Avatar.
Loving… Polyvore, my new Samantha Wills bracelet, being toasty warm in bed on yucky rainy days, teddy bears (i has a million, including Jack (he's 24yo), Tigger, Miles T. Bear (the T stands for Tiberius) plus many more. Funny story about Miles. I got him at Myers in Launceston (hence the name), at the check out we (my little sister and I) were served by a VERY hot man. And I mean HOT! like supermodel HOT. As we walked away, I turned to Alex (sister) and said "God he was HOT!" and a split second later, I heard this "Ma'am you forgot your receipt" OMG he had chased after us, I don't know if he heard, but he probably did. I thanked him, and as he turned and walked away Alex and I burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed. Considering I'd just bought a Teddy Bear and a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg.
Planning… Melbourne Trip (5 weeks from today) Waiting on Flight Centre to get the tickets. Went in on Friday, but because of the stupid Iceland Volcano, everything is backed up. But hopefully next week.
Writing… just blogs, and in forums about iPads. and lists, mostly packing list for Melbourne, it started out really long, and I'm slowly editing it down to essentials.
Inspired by…What's in your bag? group on Flickr. 80s music. Winter Fashion.

21 May 2010

Melissa is..

... super excited, because the status of her iPad has changed from "Not Yet Shipped" to "Prepared For Shipment" HELL YEAH! Credit card hasn't been charged it.

-- Post From My iPhone

20 May 2010

iPad news.

OMG. I just heard, there is going to be a BookBook Case for iPad.
So glad I didn't decide to buy the Dodocase yesterday.
My clear hard plastic backing for my iPad that I ordered over eBay arrived today, and I marvelled at how big the iPad will be. I read the dimensions online, but without anything that side in front of me I can't tell. But now that I have this backing case, I can actually see what size my iPad will be and I'm excited.
Even Mum and Dad are looking forward to having a play with the iPad.
I can't wait. A week tomorrow until the official release date. Like I mentioned before my invoice does say "Delivered BY May 28" but who knows, and I'm not in an over night shipping area, so if they ship on May 27, I probably won't get it by May 28. Then I'll have to wait until the Monday after. But I can wait. =) I've waited this long.

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday 

Paradise Kiss on DVD - Awesome Anime. Actually the first anime I've actually finished in awhile. It's about a girl and a group of Fashion Design Students. It's Romance/Drama. But really good.
Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever) by Muse - It's from the new Twilight soundtrack *puke* but it's Muse, so I automatically love it.
Miss Money Penny bracelet in Silver by Samantha Wills. It arrived today and I'm in love
♥ Green Casio Databank watch. I want!
Runaways (comic) Excellent story from Marvel about a group of kids who find out their parents are super villains.
Put On Your Sunday Clothes - from the musical Hello Dolly, and also the first song you hear at the beginning of Wall-E.

I also love Spock. oh and POLYVORE

Panic Attacks & Packaging

I had a panic attack last night. A real "wall are closing in, can't breathe" panic attack, brought on by the fact that I laid down in bed and was about to go to sleep and I couldn't breathe. I literally couldn't breathe, I tried to take a breath and couldn't I sat up and gulped and managed to get a breath, and then the panic attack started. I couldn't manage to get any air in probably and I was crying. I tried to call out to my sister but couldn't, I ended up knocking on the wall to get her attention and she got mum. It's only the 3rd panic attack I've had in my life. The first one was when I was little, about 8 and I was thinking about death, so I freaked out, the last one was a couple of years ago when I was trying to decide whether I wanted to continue working for a company that I just didn't feel very comfortable about (they ended up letting me go after my probation had finished anyway) and then last night. This one was the worst, and scariest, and I'm still feeling the effects of it now. My whole body aches, I guess due to the lack of oxygen, and my chest hurts (because I'm still recovering from the cold, and still coughing so that didn't help either) but mentally, I actually better.

After I calmed down I went to bed, with my pillows high and read for about 2 hours. I'm currently reading Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly. It's so good. I've seen his books around, but avoided them because I'm not a big fan of Australian Music/Film/Books. But a couple of months ago Kerri-Anne did an interview with him and he was quite funny and witty, so I thought I better check his books out. It's like Indiana Jones meets Da Vinci Code. It's excellent and really really hard to put down. Once I managed to put it down I slept like a baby, until morning when mum walked in my room, poked me and asked if I was still alive. I moaned and rolled over, and slept for another 3 hours, then I rolled over onto something hard and plastic. It was a package. OMG iPad, but no it wasn't. It was from Samantha Wills. It was the bracelet I had ordered. In the newest edition of Shop Til You Drop there was a free $35 voucher to spend at Samantha Wills online store. I checked it out and found so many beautiful pieces of jewelry. And then I found it. The most amazing awesome bracelet ever. Well after the $35 voucher, it cost me $39, including postage and handling. And It showed up today... in a hand craved wooden box.

Handcraved box

Opened the box

The Bracelet

I love it. I can't wait to wear it out. It's so piratey =D It makes the most wonderful sound and the coins aren't all the same, so it's really interesting. But the wooden box. I think I love more than the bracelet. It's so beautiful, the design on the top is hand craved and it just feels so nice. It's really my first piece of designer jewelry. I'm so impressed with the packaging. I've always loved packaging (yep I'm getting weirder). It all started when I got my first iPod. Apple have always made unboxing fun. Hence why I'm planning an unboxing post when my iPad arrives.

That's pretty much it for today. I have made some more polyvore sets that I will post later on. The blog world has seemed to slowed a little. But that doesn't matter, because I will be here.

18 May 2010

Molly Is...

... recovering from her cold. Still has a cough. But is feeling a lot better. Went shopping (with mums' money) bought 4 long sleeve tees, a grey top, a striped top, black jeans and a very warm, very chunky grey wool coat (which I'm wearing now).
... listening to music from the 80s, featuring REO Speedwagon, Cyndi Lauper, David Bowie, Buggles plus more.
... excited about pretty much everything.
... hoping that you've noticed the new background on her blog.
... *cough* *cough* *cough* *die*

Polyvore Sets Of The Day

I was bored and feeling very uninspired. Hence the polyvore spammage. I create 3 new sets today. Be sure to click on them and read the descriptions =D (and fave and comment too =P)

17 May 2010

iPhone rambles

Being sick does has it advantages. Lost 1.7kg. But there is absolutely no way I'm staying sick to lose weight. I hate being sick. I'm still sick, after a week. I am starting to feel better, I have a pretty bad cough and I'm slightly stuffed up still, but I'm back at work.

I've started watching Paradise Kiss, it's an anime and about a group of fashion designers. It's quite good (3 episodes in).

11ish sleeps until iPad. I say "11ish" because it will arrive after or before (hopefully before) May 28. I've been wasting my time waiting by looking at ipad photos on Flickr and checking out reviews online. :)

I need help with a 50s housewife party. What am I suppose to wear??? Was there even any "plus-size" housewives in the 50s??? It's on the 19th June so I have some time. Any suggestions would be great.

That's it for today. Have a nice night. :)

-- Post From My iPhone

16 May 2010

I "packed"

Melbourne Trip Update

So the City Chic store in Melbourne has been renovated and re-opened and it looks amazing. I'm hoping when I'm in Melbourne (6 weeks from today!) I will be able to check it out. Check out some photos here.

I'm really excited about Melbourne. It's getting closer and closer. There is so much that I want to do in the 4 days that we're there, but I know Tahlia will want to do stuff too. This is what we have agreed upon:
And we're going to go out on one of the nights, not that I really want to. Restaurants are fine, but not bars or pubs, because I don't drink and I don't see the point. Other than that I'm super excited.
I've been writing my packing list for weeks now. I don't want to over pack like I did last time I went away, and since I plan on buying lots =D I need room to bring it all back. =D

I do need to learn to relax. I like being in control when I travel, but knowing that I will be with Tahlia (she's slightly free-spirited, spur of the moment sorta gal... in other words, the complete opposite to me) I need to learn to go with the flow, or at least not freak out when something goes awry! But we'll go fine. I'm so excited (I've said that a million times now)

Things That I Freaking Out About:
  • 2 of us, 3 seats in a row. Which mean in the plane, there will be someone else sitting there. Which is stressing me out a bit. I will have to try to get Tahlia to sit next to who ever, and try and steal the Aisle seat (I'd rather be by the window)
  • the fact our plane to Melbourne leaves Perth at 6.15AM so we'll have to be at the airport by 5AM, which will mean getting up at 4AM!!!! =O
 Other than that. *breathe* I just need to stay calm and have fun...

14 May 2010

Body Acceptance

Thanks to Emma. I have found a couple of wonderful fashion blogs by plus-sized women.
First there is Young, Fat & Fabulous (this is the one Emma posted about on her blog) it's full of wonderfully inspiring posts and photos of other beautiful plus-size women. That's how I found the following 2 blogs:
definatalie.com & MessyCarla, both extra awesome. Natalie at definatalie.com is about my size, but has embraced it (I still haven't managed to yet) and is from Brisbane, so her posts are relevant to me. Carla at MessyCarla, is size 16, but loves all things colourful and kitsh (which I can also relate too), she's from the UK and is awesome.

I try to get inspired. All these beautiful women, that are my size and sometimes bigger, and they're all so confident and inspiring, I just can't seem to do it. They talk about body acceptance. I've tried to accept myself the way I am, but I just can't. I think it's because of where I live. The only plus-size shop we have (other than Target and Kmart) is Autograph, but I can't afford clothes (well if I didn't buy an iPad I could, but I would rather have an iPad) I'm quite happy it jeans and tees. But I feel frumpy. I have a dress (actually I have a couple) but I hate having bare arms so I don't wear them, and I don't have anything to wear over the top. I really should try some layering.
Since I'm talking about body acceptance. Here's a photo of myself looking like a complete and utter tool, everytime I open my picture folder it's there and it makes me laugh, so here it is. You're allowed to laugh. But you're not allowed to use it as blackmail =D

Also, while I'm here I was told today that I would have to wait until June 7 until I got my iPad, because apparently Australia had ran out. God I was pissed. So I went online to figure out what the hell was going on. But guess what? because I pre-ordered my iPad before Wednesday I will still get it "by May 28". The amount of iPads allocated to Australia wasn't enough so they had to order some more, which won't be ready until June 7. But because I got in quick, I get one of the iPad already allocated. phew!

13 May 2010

Molly Is...

...sick (obviously), very bored (very obvious) and just plain BLAH. I have, however, signed up for the 365 Postcards project. Some random is going to send me a postcard, some day this year. I don't know what it will look like or what she will say, but I can't wait. There are still a few spaces left if you want to join in. Check out the site, 365postcards, for more details.

In some slightly more exciting news. 2 (of the 4) volumes of the comic book collections on Runaways arrived today. vol 8 - Dead End Kids by Joss Whedon (yep that Joss Whedon), Michael Ryan and Christina Strain, and vol 11 - Homeschooling by Kathryn Immonen (who will be appearing at Supanova this year) and Sara Pichelli. Vol 1 & 2 are on there way. I bet now you're wondering why I bought vol 1, 2, 8 & 11. Well 1 & 2 is obvious, vol 8 I bought because it's going out of stock soon and it's by Joss Whedon, and vol 11 I bought so I could take it to Supanova to get Kathryn to sign.


Sorry about the crap quality of the photo. I turned on my camera to discover the battery is dead, so I used my iPhone (which has no FLASH!) I can't read these ones yet. I've only read the first 2 comics (volume 1 contains the first 6) so I'm not very far into the story. If I'd known it was going to be this long I probably wouldn't of got hooked, but too late now. Anyway enough rambling. I'm off to bed. I was very lucky and managed to get Toni to do my shift for me tomorrow night, which means I don't have to work until Sunday morning. Hopefully... not not hopefully... I WILL be better by then.

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