01 May 2010

1 month left of Autumn.

yesterday morning and this morning I got a call on my mobile from a blocked number. I don't know who it is because both times I was asleep. IT WAS 7am both times whoever rang.
I'm thinking it has something to do with either my Credit Card (I'm putting the limit up $500 to pay for my car service because I'm broke) or Apple Finance (because in the middle of my brain vomit I thought I would see if I could get finance for a MacBook online) If it is Apple Finance, I'm really not interested anymore. I'm over (new) technology at the moment. I need to start organising my life before I go out and spend $$$$$ on stuff I really don't need. But who the fuck calls at 7am on a SATURDAY morning, and then doesn't ring back at all during the rest of the day?

Anyhoo. Did 30 minutes on the Wii Fit and burnt 203 calories. I'm up almost a kilo since 2 days ago =O and I'm thinking (actually knowing) that I'm going to be heavier than I was last weigh in on Monday =( On Monday I'm giving up sweets again, mainly because I only made it a week last time, and because I lost 1.2kg that week.

So, the first of May. 1 month left of Autumn.

Sorry I haven't got around to the Frankie review. Don't hold your breath because it will probably not happen =( But I have created a new "page". The Things I Heart page. It's pretty much my 100 things I Love, but with more, and in order. I'll be adding to it and subtracting from it when ever I think about it. So enjoy.

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  1. I hate it when people ring up that early. It's just so wrong!
    Try not to worry too much about putting on a kilo, it could just be fluid retention or something like that.
    Sure doesn't feel like autumn, except it is dark at 6:00 now.