26 May 2010

26/05/10 <--- Today

Good afternoon.
Still iPad-less. But I expected that.
I bet you're over the iPad talk.
And here's me thinking I could of kept it a secret for the last couple of weeks.
I'm a little sad, because my internet has been shaped, so when my iPad finally does arrive, I won't be able to download apps until June 11.
I wonder if I can steal someone elses' computer to download apps.
Do you think if I install iTunes on the computers at work and download from there, anyone will notice??
HAHA Just kidding. I wouldn't do that.
Damn sister downloading Big Bang Theory =D
^ This is how I feel right now.
Pretty much the only thing I can do when the internet is shaped (apart from complaining about it) is blog, and that's because I'm constantly on this site, so it loads a lot quicker, and mr internet remembers.

It's my Grandfathers' birthday today.
I don't know how old he is (I'm a bad granddaughter)

This picture makes me sad. Poor Rhino wants to be a Unicorn =(

Anyhoo, off to afternoon tea for Papa's birthday.
<3 Melissa.

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