14 May 2010

Body Acceptance

Thanks to Emma. I have found a couple of wonderful fashion blogs by plus-sized women.
First there is Young, Fat & Fabulous (this is the one Emma posted about on her blog) it's full of wonderfully inspiring posts and photos of other beautiful plus-size women. That's how I found the following 2 blogs:
definatalie.com & MessyCarla, both extra awesome. Natalie at definatalie.com is about my size, but has embraced it (I still haven't managed to yet) and is from Brisbane, so her posts are relevant to me. Carla at MessyCarla, is size 16, but loves all things colourful and kitsh (which I can also relate too), she's from the UK and is awesome.

I try to get inspired. All these beautiful women, that are my size and sometimes bigger, and they're all so confident and inspiring, I just can't seem to do it. They talk about body acceptance. I've tried to accept myself the way I am, but I just can't. I think it's because of where I live. The only plus-size shop we have (other than Target and Kmart) is Autograph, but I can't afford clothes (well if I didn't buy an iPad I could, but I would rather have an iPad) I'm quite happy it jeans and tees. But I feel frumpy. I have a dress (actually I have a couple) but I hate having bare arms so I don't wear them, and I don't have anything to wear over the top. I really should try some layering.
Since I'm talking about body acceptance. Here's a photo of myself looking like a complete and utter tool, everytime I open my picture folder it's there and it makes me laugh, so here it is. You're allowed to laugh. But you're not allowed to use it as blackmail =D

Also, while I'm here I was told today that I would have to wait until June 7 until I got my iPad, because apparently Australia had ran out. God I was pissed. So I went online to figure out what the hell was going on. But guess what? because I pre-ordered my iPad before Wednesday I will still get it "by May 28". The amount of iPads allocated to Australia wasn't enough so they had to order some more, which won't be ready until June 7. But because I got in quick, I get one of the iPad already allocated. phew!

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