23 May 2010


Listening… Check out my recent tracks on LastFM
Reading… Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly
Watching… Futurama (I'm re-watching from the start for the millionth time) and Doctor Who (which is on today... 7.30pm ABCHD)
Buying… iPad! FUCK YEAH!
Wanting… my iPad. Hopefully it will ship early next week. I should have it on Friday, or early next week (at the latest)
Trying… to rip the movie Stardust onto my computer so I can have it on my iPad. It's taking forever, because I have it at the highest quality output. Next movie will be Avatar.
Loving… Polyvore, my new Samantha Wills bracelet, being toasty warm in bed on yucky rainy days, teddy bears (i has a million, including Jack (he's 24yo), Tigger, Miles T. Bear (the T stands for Tiberius) plus many more. Funny story about Miles. I got him at Myers in Launceston (hence the name), at the check out we (my little sister and I) were served by a VERY hot man. And I mean HOT! like supermodel HOT. As we walked away, I turned to Alex (sister) and said "God he was HOT!" and a split second later, I heard this "Ma'am you forgot your receipt" OMG he had chased after us, I don't know if he heard, but he probably did. I thanked him, and as he turned and walked away Alex and I burst out laughing. I was so embarrassed. Considering I'd just bought a Teddy Bear and a Boba Fett Mighty Mugg.
Planning… Melbourne Trip (5 weeks from today) Waiting on Flight Centre to get the tickets. Went in on Friday, but because of the stupid Iceland Volcano, everything is backed up. But hopefully next week.
Writing… just blogs, and in forums about iPads. and lists, mostly packing list for Melbourne, it started out really long, and I'm slowly editing it down to essentials.
Inspired by…What's in your bag? group on Flickr. 80s music. Winter Fashion.

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