28 May 2010

Guess What?

Guess where I am and what I'm using to blog?
Yep that's right. Barnaby is here and he's beautiful.
Only problem is I'm too afraid to use him because I failed to get the screen protector on so now his screen in not protected.
I'm about to get ready for work and I have to take him because I promised Nigel that I would.
Typing is amazing, even if I've got the iPad sitting practically flat on my bed, I think after a long period of typing I can see some sort of wrist troubles, but at the moment it's quite good. The keyboard is multitouch, so it's just like using a real keyboard, my main problem I have with this app in particular i'm constantly touching the sidebar and being navigated else where.
Anyhoo, work beckons. I promise to post the unboxing later tonight, after work.

-- Post From My iPad (Barnaby)

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