05 May 2010

I'm Sorry but...

It's 9pm and to be completely honest, I'm looking at iPad apps. As Monday gets closer. I seem to want one more. I'm back to my original train of thought. I HATE LAPTOPS, but want something simple and portable and just as awesome as my iPhone but bigger. Which is an iPad =D
I'm pretty sure everyone is over this. I have a decision. iPad and less money to go away with, or no iPad and lots of money to go away with. I'm thinking iPad, because I do want it, where when I go away I will be buying random things that aren't planned. Stuff that I would most likely feel guilty about buying later. GRRRR damn you brain! Who fucking knows? =(

Here's me going on about stuff that doesn't really matter when there are so many more important things going on in the world.

I need to get off the computer and shower, and then try and get at least one episode of season 2 of Pushing Daisies in before bed. But of course, like always, there is someone in the bathroom.



  1. I say buy yourself one.
    When is the last time you made a big purchase for YOURSELF? Make sure you will have enough money for going away with (your estimated amount, plus more as there are always extra costs on holidays!) and you should be right :) seriously, you seem to REALLY want one, and carrying around my laptop does get annoying.. so I say go for it!

  2. & the ipad would be easier to use you wouldnt have to worry about having room to unfold the beast (im just carrying on from jordies comment) unless you got alittle laptop, but then whats the point? i say go for it, as long as you have enough money to go away with and still have a good time then thats all that counts right?! other suggestion is if you are unsure get the money out of your bank account for the ipad leave it at home, then go to melb and wen you come back if you want one get one