20 May 2010

iPad news.

OMG. I just heard, there is going to be a BookBook Case for iPad.
So glad I didn't decide to buy the Dodocase yesterday.
My clear hard plastic backing for my iPad that I ordered over eBay arrived today, and I marvelled at how big the iPad will be. I read the dimensions online, but without anything that side in front of me I can't tell. But now that I have this backing case, I can actually see what size my iPad will be and I'm excited.
Even Mum and Dad are looking forward to having a play with the iPad.
I can't wait. A week tomorrow until the official release date. Like I mentioned before my invoice does say "Delivered BY May 28" but who knows, and I'm not in an over night shipping area, so if they ship on May 27, I probably won't get it by May 28. Then I'll have to wait until the Monday after. But I can wait. =) I've waited this long.


  1. I've not even looked at the features of the Ipad, whenever I hear about it I tend to stop listening, otherwise I think I'd cry.

    I want an iphone so bad it hurts.

    I love the Book Book case though!

  2. I love my iPhone to death. When I had a "normal" mobile phone I used to leave it at home, or forget about it. But now that I have an iPhone it pretty much goes everywhere with me. It was a choice between a Nokia N97 and an iPhone and I was going to get the Nokia, but one play with an iPhone and you're hooked =D