29 May 2010

iPad Screenshots Part One

I really hate having shaped internet, and I'm pretty sure all of you guys do to, because I seem to complain a lot and not post very exciting posts.
Today I went to morning tea with the family. Logan was there (he's my 13 month old cousin) and after morning tea I kidnapped him and went and played in the playground. He's just started walking, he's still a little unsteady, but if you hold his hand he walls fine. He's soooooooooo cute. I loved the swings, and the seesaw. There were lots of other small children at the playground, so Logan spent most of the time watching them.
After morning tea I went shopping with Mum and my 2 little sisters. Mum bought them stuff, I didn't get anything, but I don't care, I think, being 23 and still living at home is enough, I don't need to spend her money as well. I did, however, buy someone a birthday present, and some white polar fleece to make Barnaby a nice snug case. (I have a shiny silver tote, that I'm going to cut up. Shiny silver on the outside and toasty warm, soft white polar fleece on the inside.) Speaking of Barnaby, I took some screen shots of various things to show you.

Homescreen as of Friday 28th May 2010.
iPad Home Screen 28/05/10
Not very much there at the moment (thanks to shaped internet). Magic Piano is awesome and addictive. The background, at the moment, is just one of the ones already on the iPad. It matches pretty well with my Lockscreen background...
iPad Screenshot - Lock Screen

Here's what my blog looks like in Safari on the iPad. Looks pretty good =D
iPad Screenshot - Safari (My Blog)

Here's iBooks, and some of the books I have. Soon I will have lots and lots and lots.
iPad Screenshot - iBooks

This is what the iPod section looks like. It's a lot nicer than the iPhone/iPod Touch version, but I don't see myself using the iPod much on the iPad. Maybe once I have a dock and some good speakers, it would make a really cool sound system, but as a portable device, I'd much rather use my iPhone for music, because I can slip it in my pocket, unlike Barnaby.... hahaha, he's a fattie =D
iPad Screenshot - iPod

And last....
Watching Inglourious Basterds last night was awesome (except for the fact, that when I ripped the movie, I forgot the subtitle track that has the English subtitles for all the German bits in the movie... haha idiot, good thing I'd seen the movie already)
iPad Screenshot - Inglourious Basterds
I was afraid that the software that I downloaded (and paid for) wasn't going to do a very good job. When it was played on my computer, it looked grainy and when played on my iPhone the sound was a little off (The voices were really quite and the background sound/music was really loud) but on the iPad it works beautifully, only problem will be glare.
I can't wait to get the internet back so I can check out some more apps.

Princess Geek


  1. So glad Barnaby arrived safely! He's so pretty & shiney! I'm kinda dazzled by him!! :)

  2. I'm completely dazzled by him too. I need to get a dock, so I can just sit him there and show him off to the world. =D