10 May 2010

Rambles about Life.

I need to be more social. I have some wonderful people following this blog, and they leave comments on my blog, but I don't leave comments on their blogs =(
I have so many blogs that I'm following that it's hard to tell if there are any new posts in my favourite blogs. So to everyone who leaves comments and I kinda ignore them... sorry, but I do really love your blogs =D

I want (yep there's that word again) a typewriter. I don't know what I would use it for. The only writing I seem to do anymore is blogging. I used to write. Fantasy stories. But this evil thing called High School gave me the worlds worse case of Writers Block and my brain has pretty much been void of ideas since then. I have ideas, I just can't get them onto paper, they just woosh around my head, one day to be lost forever. I'm tempted to write a screenplay instead of a novel, but I sit down ready to write.... and nothing =( I watch movies and tv series (like The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and The Mighty Boosh) and think, "hell that's crazy, I can come up with crazy wacked up stories like that" I blame the internet (because I have to blame something.... don't I?)
I wish I didn't think so much. I also wish I didn't feel sick (but I can't really help that) I seriously need to learn to meditate (I almost wrote "medicate"... I guess that would work too =D)

I get my full internet speed back tomorrow and I have a huge list of things I have to do, like download itunes 9.1.1 and test out some converters so I can read some of the graphic novels I already have on Barnaby (when he gets here.... in 18ish days... maybe more because of shipping) and download the free digital copy of Sherlock Holmes that I have. (they make you download the copies now, instead of giving you an extra disc) that reminds me. Must talk to Nigel about Windows 7 and re-formating my computer. Nigel is the All Mighty Guru when it comes to computers and pretty much anything geeky (he's also the husband of one of my new followers. HELLO *wave*) Maybe I'll leave the digital copy download until after my computer's brain has been wiped (poor Bruce aka Batman) I have digital copies for Star Trek, Ice Age 3, Wolverine & Sherlock Holmes. I haven't put Star Trek on my computer yet because I'm scared my computer will eat it.

Did I mention I put on 1kg since last week *sad face* I should of worked a little harder and not eaten as much, but hey what am I going to do, just means I'll have to wait longer to get Doc Martens (not that I can afford them at the moment thanks to Barnaby) I even had to reschedule my dentist appointment (which I've known was coming for 6 months) (yeah I'm bad) MUST EXERCISE. I wish all my friends didn't live in Perth =( we could go walking together. Oh well. I am paying for a Gym Membership (stupidest idea EVER) so I really should be going.

Anyhoo, that's enough from me. It's dinner time and I'm have work tomorrow morning so I should really go to bed.

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