03 May 2010

Sims 3/RDJ/Daleks

UP.... 200gram! FUCK YEAH!
I'm so happy. I seriously thought that I was back up to my starting weight. But I only put on 200 grams. And it's probably the 1 litre of water I drank at 4am this morning because I had a tickle in my throat that wouldn't go away. Don't you just hate that?

I've been playing Sims 3. I started with one of the families that was already in town, grew up their daughter, moved her out, she had a son, he moved out, he had a daughter, moved her out, she's now married to a Ghost (who happens to be at the top of the medical career) and she's one promotion away from becoming Emperor of Evil, and their son (who was adopted) want to be an International Super Spy. I don't know how family dinners will be when son is top Law Enforcement and Mummy is top Criminal. Let me add. I do use cheats. I make their needs static (so the don't change) so I don't have to worry about feeding them, making them happy etc. And every now and then I use the motherlode cheat which gives to S50,000. The only problem I have, is I like to play with story progression on (this means that all the other Sims in the neighbourhood live their lives on their own, they get married, have kids, and get old) but that means that now my town is pretty much made up of OLD PEOPLE! It's turned into a retirement village =D And there is so many graves in the graveyard it's starting to fill up, but I'm not entirely sure how to make a new graveyard. =(

Anyhoo. Usually this would be the point where I talk about how it's one week to the iPad pre-orders, but since I'm not going to get one, it doesn't really matter.

Sherlock Holmes in out on DVD and BluRay today. I was having a conversation with a women, she would of been in her early 60s, about how she'd leave her husband (whose 68) if Robert Downey Jr ever showed up on her doorstep, even though she's 20 years older than him. hahaha, I think that's awesome. She also said if Johnny Depp showed up she'd leave too, but if she had to chose between Robert and Johnny she'd choose Robert. I told her I would too, then she said "you can't have Robbie he's mine" and laughed. She's the most awesome women in Albany =D So I gave her a Sherlock Holmes poster. :) she joked that she was going to put it on the ceiling above her bed. I secretly think she will. HAHAHAHA.

DALEKS in Doctor Who last night. I called them the "Mighty Morphin Power Daleks" =D but I was disappointed there was not Pink or Green one =( And I liked seeing the Doctor brooding and angry. Next week is the episode with River Song and the Angels (they still scare me!)

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    i pissed myself laughing lol, and i didnt like the new deeper voice on the main one tho :\ but daleks still managed to be terrifying in a wierd, robot way =D

    and neither you nor the old lady can have RDJ as he is already miiiiiiine <3 hehe..