29 May 2010


Today I tweeted Ryan Shelton (The 7pm Project and Rove) about the new TMNT movie, he was worried that Michael Bay (Transformers) will be directing, which means that it might as well have a zero star rating straight away (I actually like Michael Bay movies, but hey) but I looked into it and found out that Michael Bay is only onboard to produce. So I let Ryan know. Well Ryan retweeted it today, and let's say I'm a little star struck, again. It's not the first time Ryan has mentioned me, or replied to me on Twitter.
See photo for proof (5 tweets down) (click to enlarge)

Hahaha, yeah I'm a dork.... But what's new??? I love Ryan Shelton, I haven't had the opportunity to watch The 7pm Project, because it's not on TV here, but I loved loved loved Rove.

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