05 May 2010

Stupid WOW Raids

Today was suppose to be my day off.
But NO, I get called in because someone (who may I add looked perfectly fine yesterday) is suddenly sick. Or maybe he has another WOW raid! GRRRR! I said NO to him when he rang, but then my boss rang, and I really can't say NO to him.
When I told dad I was working he said "you're getting closer to getting your iPad" hahahaha. I must of really went on about it.

I really don't want to go to work. But it's too late now, because I start in an hour. It's only a 4 hour shift, so I really shouldn't complain. And it is $72 extra dollars towards my trip.

My Sims 3 family is going well. My original Sims, Nick and Vita are long dead and now have great great great great grandchildren. 6 levels in the family tree. But I'm starting to get bored of them, and the fact that most of their surnames are Clown (it was the name of one of the males my "daughter" married) is rather annoying, but I like the girls to take the boys names when they get married, and well most of the "children" have been boys =(

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