13 May 2010

Things I Love Thursday

I don't know how long it has been since I did a "TILT" and today seems like a good day to do it. Since I need to feel a little bit happier because this cold has gone full blown and is seriously trying to kill me.

♥ Collecting recipes so I can put together a super awesome recipe Moleskine. ♥ New blanket. Just in time for winter. It's a heavy cotton blanket, it's super warm. ♥ Making POLYVORE sets. ♥ Playing Sims 3 ♥ 11 Amazing Fake 'Harry Potter' Books written in China The Chinese really crack me up sometimes. ♥ Kittens, especially ginger kittens ♥ Pushing Daisies. It's so sweet and bright and kinda wacky (okay, it's completely wacky). I love love love Olive Snook. ♥ Snooping at what people carry in their bags ♥ the anticipation waiting for Barnaby (the iPad) to arrive.

That's really it. I think everyone that reads this should do their own version =D No Pressure =P

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