12 May 2010

Titles Are Too Hard

I'm still sick.
I thought I was getting better but this morning I woke up and couldn't talk. Thank god All Mighty Guru said yes to doing my shift. I think I would of died. Considering I was asleep in the lounge room by 2pm.
I'm feeling sick and lonely. I miss someone I shouldn't be missing. Someone that was taken from me, didn't get to say goodbye or anything. Now she lives on the other side of the country and I don't know, I'm not her friend anymore because of other people taking her away and it's sad sometimes. I know I shouldn't dwell. I know if she was a real friend she wouldn't of been such a sheep and would of stood up for herself. I just miss her sometimes, in all her retarded glory. So if you're secretly reading this. I can only say one thing. POLYVORE.

Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog DVD arrived today. Too bad the reason I bought it pulled out of Supanova. =( but it doesn't completely matter, because it is AWESOME. I also started watching a web series called The Guild which has Felicia Day in it. It's so funny. Check it out for yourself online.

That's pretty much it for tonight. I'm tired and need to get drugged up of cold and flu medication and sleep now.

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