28 May 2010

The Unboxing.

It's Friday morning. I spent the whole night dreaming about my iPad. I roll over and see that it's 8.05am. I haven't be woken up, so obviously my iPad hasn't arrived yet. Then I remember, Dad has to take my little sister to school, what if the courier shows up when dad is away! OH NOES. So I get out of bed... yep, at 8.05am! Needless to say, my iPad didn't show up until 9.45am. Dad came home from taking my sister to school, and hangs around for awhile (I spend most of the time, staring out the window and walking around outside) then at 9.40am dad decides to go out again! GAH! But I have given up waiting. I start to get settled in the living room to watch a movie, I decide to check the window, one more time, and there is a TNT truck in the driveway. OMG OMG OMG! I open the window and call the couriers name (he's a friend of my dads') I rush down. Then John (the courier) says "It's addressed to your dad, you can't sign for it".... ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!! Luckily he was joking. As far as I know, I was the only person in Albany to get one today =D

Needless to say, it's like Christmas. After a quick photos of the shipping box (one I send to my friend Nigel, who really really really wants an iPad. with the caption "I wonder what's in this box???") and one below...
I start to unbox....
There he is. My Barnaby, safely tucked away in his box, which was safely tucked away in another box.
I pull him out and discard the packaging (well kinda.... it's all still spread across my bed)
I must of sat on my bed holding this box for about 10 minutes. Still in it's plastic wrap. Just smiling and hugging =D (yeah I already know how much of a dork I am, but I don't care) At this point, dad has come into the house, and walked in to the room 
"well let me see"
"no it's mine, you can't have, it's all mine" (imagine a spoilt 3 year old)
"are you going to open it?"
"eventually" (this was the point, I started getting nervous. What if it gets scratched? what if I drop it?)
But I continue with the unboxing.
I remove the plastic wrap and slowly pull the lid off.
And there he is. Barnaby in all his glory (already dusty, because of all the dust in my room) just sitting there, waiting to be touched.
He's quite heavy, but solid. He doesn't feel like you're going to break it with one touch. I think after awhile of not holding him probably, it might become uncomfortable. But he feels secure in your hands.
The pack is simple, with heaps of room to put my "Don't Panic" stickers.
I put Barnaby aside (not that I want to, and continue with the unboxing, but really from now on, it's kinda boring)
Under Barnaby is a little package with all the info and gaff in it... (close up, further down)
... and under that is the USB cord and power adapter (which is good, because the USB ports on my computer won't charge the iPad)
close up of the cords
close up of the info and gaff. Including 2 more BIG apple stickers. Might put one on my car.

So that's it for the unboxing. Of course, later on I will have some more photos and screenshots. I'm just so in love. I haven't found any major problems with it yet, and I can't wait to take it into the world and use it. I'm a little bit upset that I couldn't afford a 3G one, but when I think about it, I didn't need one, because the only time I will really use it is at home, and I already have internet on my phone, so if I'm desperate I can use that. My poor iPhone is already feeling rejected =( but it's still my post important portable device.
At this very moment, my little sister Alex, has Barnabynapped him and is doing god knows what to him in her room =D

Princess Geek

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