18 June 2010


Listening… 'untitled playlist 2' (because naming playlists in itunes is overrated) contains Soaked by Adam Lambert. I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. Dream On (Glee) by Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris. The Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin. The Diary Of Jane (Acoustic) by Breaking Benjamin. Blow Me Away by Breaking Benjamin. Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin. Giving Birth to Imagined Saviors by Red Sparrows.
Reading… Just finished Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly, and am about to start Six Sacred Stone by Matthew Reilly (which is the next one in the series).
Watching… Hopefully tonight I can start The A Team (the original series) I'm hoping, fingers crossed, that it showed up at work today.
Buying… After The A Team purchase.... NOTHING UNTIL I GO AWAY (like that's going to happen)
Wanting… Preserved and Mounted Scorpion. Doc Martens. The next couple of weeks to go smoothly.
Trying… to stay positive. Stupid PMS!
Loving… Support from Strangers. Photos of the Aurora Borealis. Mass Kitty Spammage. Four Letter Words.
Planning… Melbourne Trip. Emma Invasion.
Writing… Packing List for Melbourne
Inspired by… Insects in jars. fur shrugs. floral dresses with military style boots. breaking benjamin. new haircut.

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