21 June 2010

The Emma Invasion

The Emma Invasion came and went very quickly. But it was still awesome. Imagine the awesomeness it would of been, if I got to spend more time with the marvellous Emma, but alas, it will have to happen some other time.
Here's what happened.
At 3pm I picked Emma up from the bus stop, and we drove home. After spending about 15 minutes looking around my room and threatening to steal everything, she got a phone call from home, her poor bub Abbey was sick and had to go to Hospital. Poor Emmy didn't know what to do, she wanted to go home to her bub, but didn't want to leave. I reasurred her that it was fine if she wanted to leave. After looking at Plane flights (which cost way too much) I offered to drive her half way to Perth, and she found someone to drive to pick her up. It was a fun road trip.
Emma, you're awesome and I hope that you pretty bub Abbey gets well soon, and I can't wait for another (more successful) Emma Invasion.

Princess Geek  


  1. i also hope Abbey pants gets better, and hopefully next time she heads down ill be right next to her pretty little head.