01 June 2010

Freaking Out

I'm freaking out about my trip. I haven't heard from the travel agent about the plane tickets and we leave 3 weeks from this coming Sunday. I haven't even thought about hotels in Perth for the 2 nights before I go, and I haven't even thought about tickets until Supanova until recently. My little sister (who doesn't have a job or make any money) wants me to buy the Supanova tickets online, but I don't know who wants to come and I don't have enough money yo buy hers and everyone elses. I need to sit down with everyone and sort this out before I have a stress induced brain tumour. Grr stress. There isn't even anyone I want to see at Supanova, well no one I'm excited about. I could not go, but my little sister and friend Tahlia, really want to go and see the anime voice actors. I'm more excited about the possible prospects of maybe, hopefully meeting (or at least seeing) Tim Burton in Melbourne. I always get like this. I like to be in control, but sometimes that's not the case and it really freaks me out :( I need to relax and learn to go with the flow. Maybe I should just buy the tickets and then get everyone to pay me back, and just book the accommodation and deal with it. Breathe.

Anyway. Thanks for listening :)

-- Post From My iPad (Barnaby)