01 June 2010

Hello Winter

Hello Winter, I've missed you!

My Once Upon a Concert Outfit set I made for this contest on Polyvore... WON! I came first. I'm very excited. I hope you like it too =D
In other news, I've gone Bear Grylls crazy. I have spent the last hour going on a right-click-athon, saving nearly every photo of Bear Grylls I could find. I'm addicted. I even rented Man Vs Wild today, and am even considering buying season 1-4 off eBay... but I'm not, because I NEED money to go away with. And since I haven't even thought about accommodation in Perth yet, I'll be going to Melbourne with even less money. Anyway.... I'm going off topic... BEAR GRYLLS...

Have you noticed the Flag counter at the end of my blog? Someone from Finland visited my blog. I wonder if it was Ville Valo? I've had 48 unique blog hits since I put it on (which was only a couple of days ago) that's amazing. So if you're visiting and reading this, feel free to comment, you don't need a blogger account to post comments on my blog. I would love to hear from you.

I've started a new page. I was inspired by Nat @ XL as life! so I created a Scrapbook 2010 page, which will have all the movies/books/tv shows I watch starting today. My Movielist failed epically when i forgot to keep it up to date. My Bad.

What am I going to do for the next 2 days. I don't have work until Friday (which incidentally is my sister's 21st birthday YAY!) Maybe I will make her a cake (don't tell her!) I'm sure I will think of something. I might rug up and go adventure. Geek vs Wild!!!

Princess Geek


  1. Hello Princess Geek

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I live in WA, Karratha to be exact. I'm not sure how I stumbled across your blog but am glad I did.

    I used to work at Blockbuster for a few years whiile I was at uni - Video shop chicks rock!!

    Can I ask you a question about the ipad....how does the internet work on it? Do you buy a prepaid thingy or do you get bills for it.


  2. Hey Kate, thank you for reading my blog. I was quite excited to see "long time reader, first time commenter" I usually leave that comment too :) I'll probably blog about you later on :)
    Anyway about the iPad. There is 2 choices, you can get a wifi version like the one I have, to access the Internet you need to have access to wifi Internet. Or you can get a 3G version which is more expensive, and you also have to buy a mircosim (which is smaller than a normal mobile sim) and you get data packages from what ever phone company you choose, it's like a phone, but without calls and text etc, just data. And they're prepaid so you don't have to worry about massive bills every month. If I had enough money I would of got a 3G iPad, but because I have Internet data on my phone it felt like overkill having it twice.
    I hope that helped. God I can ramble :)

  3. Thanks for that!

    Have been browsing on the apple store. So tempted to get one. What is the ibookstore like? Is there much of a selection? How much are the books?

    Anyway sorry to bombard you with questions..you are the only person I "know" who has one.


  4. don't stress, I'm happy to answer your questions =D
    I had a look at the iBookstore for australia, and well it's crap. So far you can only get classics and old books, on the plus side everything is free =D. I have been downloading ebooks and putting them in itunes and they work fine. I'm sure in the future Apple will have it up and running with "real" books.
    If you do decide to get one, look into what you'd want it for =D mine has pretty much been only used to go online and play games, haven't started an books yet, but that will change when I go away. But if you can afford one, do it. It's the best thing I have bought since my iPhone =D I love it!