04 June 2010

I Need Structure

I'm considering structuring my posts. For example. I already have Things I Love Thursday. I need some more suggestions. I was thinking of swiping Tunesday from Lick My Cupcakes and maybe I can have Movie Review Monday (obviously with an even cooler name.... and Fantastic Film Friday????) I want to maybe do a What I Wore post, but I'm a little self conscious =( and of course there will be a Sexy Man Saturday (or Sunday) as well as all the other sexy men, every other day.... which reminds me...

... my little sister, who likes every celebrity that i like, because she's a copy cat =P doesn't think Bear Grylls is sexy! SAY WHAT? you actually disagree with me for once =O fine I disagree with some of your celebrity crushes *cough* short stack *cough* *vomit* but come on.... BEAR GRYLLS
Tell me... if this man not a little teeny tiny bit attractive, or have I gone completely batty?

Really this post was just an excuse to get more photos of Bear Grylls on my blog. You can never have too many photos of sexy men on your blog =D

Sorry. I got a little side tracked there. Any ideas about posts would be great and much appreciated.

Princess Geek

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