29 June 2010

Melbourne Day Two & Three

Day 2
Had the best day ever. First up the Tim Burton Exhibition. On the way down to the exhibition we walked past the gift shop and I saw it, The Art Of Tim Burton. OMG I was so excited, I rushed in and bought it without even looking at the price (it was $89.95) it's huge and weighs like 2 kg, and I would be carrying it around the city all day, but I didn't care, I had the Art of Tim Burton book.

The exhibition was amazing, you walked down the stares to be met by a topiary rain deer (from Edward Scissorhands) and Edwards costume aka something Johnny Depp had worn. I can't describe everything I saw, it was amazing. My favourite thing was the Mad Hatters hat and costume. The details were amazing. All I can say, is if you can, go see it.
After the exhibition we walked across to Southgate for lunch. After lunch we went to the Eureka Skytower to go on the Edge. It was awesome, I've done it before, but the view from Eureka is always breathtaking, it was such a beautiful day.

The day ended with a shopping spree at Minotaur. Over $300 worth of comics and manga. :O.

Day Three.
First off today was the Titanic Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. It was amazing, but depressing. Before you go in they give you a re with info about a passenger and at the end you find out if they survived or not, my passenger, Miss Annie Funk, died :( later on while I was reading the exhibition guide I found a photo of her, and a small paragraph that said that she had sacrificed her seat to a mother whose kids were already on the life boat. I was so sad when I read it.
After the exhibition we checked out the rest of the Museum, including seeing Phar Lap.
After the museum we went to Melbourne Central to do some shopping, I bought a 10inch laptop sleeve for my iPad and a awesome new canvas bag. We then went back to Minotaur, were I bought more comics :) then we walked back to the hotel, and that's where I am now.

Tonights our last night. It's sad but I'll be glad to be home. Goodnight from Melbourne.

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  1. I'm hoping to get to the Tim Burton expo this Monday. I'm glad you got the book! I remember you mentioning it in a previous post! Oh, how I'd love one.

    Glad you're having a great time! I need to take a week in Melbourne to explore, it looks like fun!