07 June 2010

Monday 7th June 2010

FIRST OFF. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the gorgeous Natalie @ XL as Life and sexy Karl Urban.
Up early (for a public holiday) to order tickets to what is going to be the defining music moment of my whole entire life!
  Morning tea with Mum, Dad, Alex, Kaitlin, Nana, Aunty Jo, Uncle Justin, Aunty Sarah & Logan. I haven't seen Logan in a week and he's grown so much since then. He's so smiley now, and it doesn't take him 10 minutes to figure out who I am. He was sitting at the end of the table with me, in a big boy chair, using empty coke bottles as drum sticks. He's such a cutie.
Then I came home and pretty much played Sims 3 until about an hour ago. =O Which is pretty much all day. I was going to do a "What's In My Bag?" photo/post for Flickr but didn't end up doing it. Maybe tomorrow.

You may have also noticed the temporary change of blog background. To celebrate "Me getting tickets to Muse"day. And here is a Musespam to top it all off.

Princess Geek


  1. nawww your bubby cousin is super cute!! as is the lead man from muse (but in a different id hump his leg kinda way)

    yay on the tickets.. i bet your belly did flips and tricks as you got them =]

  2. I would loooove to see what is in your bag. Because im creepy like that.. haha