03 June 2010

Things I Love Thursday

It's that time again. Yep, it's Thursday.
Things I Love Thursday - 03/06/10

Bear Grylls - the crazy, crazy, dirty, sexy man
Lulu Guinness Tickets Top Zip Purse
Noel Fielding - Electro Boy, King of the Mods, God... whatever you want to call him.
Drop Dead Diva - awesome tv series. Look it up. (review coming soon)
Kaitlin - my sister. She turns 21 tomorrow and I feel bad, because she's not having a party and we're not doing anything special =(
Barnaby (iPad) - Had it out at a local cafe today, and the waitress saw it, and then 10 seconds later practically the whole kitchen was out, wanting to have a look.
The Sacrament by HIM - awesome song. I love the piano intro.
Sims 3 Ambitions - out today. Haven't got my copy yet, but I'm excited.
Opi Nail Polish - I found somewhere in Albany that stocks it. GO ME!
Flogging Molly - Irish folk-rock band. I only like one song. Float. It's awesome!

May I also present.
Things I Loathe
# Blisters - I wore my sisters boots into town today and ended up with blisters on both heels, both big toes AND both little toes
# Headaches - I've had one for about 3 days. It's just a small niggling one. It's probably because I'm dehydrated.
Not being able to find awesome rings that fit my fat fingers =(
# People who let there dogs off the leads on a part of the beach where dogs are not allowed. There is the whole other 3km of the beach to let your dog run. Why do you have it off it's leash here???

That's it today =D
Hope everyone had a great day.

Princess Geek

1 comment:

  1. Happy Birthday Kaitlin! Amaya turns 8 tomorrow, they share a birthday!

    people who let their dogs off the leash at the beach piss me off too, and it is illegal to have them off leash on any part of our beaches, even on the dog beach there is a sign saying to keep them on leashes. It is still a public area people!

    I'll stop now... got a little carried away :)