13 June 2010


I downloaded Planets vs Zombies for my iPad, and it's awesome. It's addictive. This morning I played it for 2 hours. I will post some shots later. I also downloaded a MSN app, so now I can chat from my iPad.
I'm currently watching The Hangover with my mum. I love this movie, and I has a crush of Bradley Cooper. He's hot!!
I have work tonight. It's only a short shift, but it's still a night shift, so I'll have to spend 2 hours with no one to talk to except the customers. If I had a 3G iPad I could log onto MSN and chat, but that would be naughty and I'd probably get fired.
I ordered tickets for Supanova today. I'm not really that excited about it, probably because going to Melbourne is a little bit more exciting :) 2 weeks to go, and 1 week tomorrow until Emma comes to visit.

Princess Geek


  1. Dont get sucked into that game!! It has stolen so many hours from me (or maybe its just that i have no self control ;) )
    I deleted it a few days ago so I can get my essays out of the way...unfortunately amateur surgeon took its place!!

  2. i loooooove plants vs zombies, it is rather addictive isnt it :P

    Yay 1 week until I go to albany *dances excitedly* also looking forward to Supanova :) oi whilst your in melbourne theres this exhibition you may be interested in where there are animals and stuff and you can see all their muscles etc..