15 June 2010

Tunesday - 15/06/2010

Dream On - Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris can hit the most Epic high notes.

Soaked by Adam Lambert (written by Matt Bellamy)
I'm not a big fan of Adam Lambert, but I love this song. Obviously, at first, it was because it was written by Matt Bellamy, but now I just realise it's an awesome song.

I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin (fan made District 9 video) (District 9 spoilers) if you haven't seen District 9, you can watch the Official Music Video here, but I like the District 9 one better.
Breaking Benjamin is just one of those bands that I love, but not really. I don't own any of their albums but I have a couple of their songs, and their songs are awesome. Huge, inspiring rock songs.

Speaking of Tunesday.
Guess what arrived in the mail today?
tickets to MUSE!
Fuck Yeah!

Princess Geek  


  1. OMG that was one hell of a high note!

  2. sooo jealous about the Muse tickets! They're awesome live, you'll have a great time :)