15 June 2010

Tunesday - 15/06/2010

Dream On - Matthew Morrison & Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris can hit the most Epic high notes.

Soaked by Adam Lambert (written by Matt Bellamy)
I'm not a big fan of Adam Lambert, but I love this song. Obviously, at first, it was because it was written by Matt Bellamy, but now I just realise it's an awesome song.

I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin (fan made District 9 video) (District 9 spoilers) if you haven't seen District 9, you can watch the Official Music Video here, but I like the District 9 one better.
Breaking Benjamin is just one of those bands that I love, but not really. I don't own any of their albums but I have a couple of their songs, and their songs are awesome. Huge, inspiring rock songs.

Speaking of Tunesday.
Guess what arrived in the mail today?
tickets to MUSE!
Fuck Yeah!

Princess Geek