09 June 2010

What's In MY Bag WEDNESDAY - 09.06.10

I'm going to try and post what's in my bag every Wednesday. I change my bags all the time, and the items in it change even more.

Marvel Avengers Wallet - Dangerfield, Melbourne Central $19.95
Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner - Dymocks, Albany $34.95 (Sticker from Apple, free with iPhone 3GS)
Impulse City Collection New York - Priceline, Albany $3.95
Empire Magazine Issue 111, June 2010 - Angus & Robertson, Albany $8.95
Makeup Case - Free with Magazine (had it for ages, don't remember which magazine it was)
Lucus Pawpaw Ointment - Target, Albany $6.95
Clinque Mirror - Stolen from Mum
Perfume Canister containing Davidoff  Adventure - The Perfume Co. Westfield Carousel, Cannington $10.00
Marikai Black Leather bag - Strandbags, Albany $54.00
Black & Blue Scarf (attached to bag) - JayJays, Albany $5.00
Electric BSG sunglasses - Albany Surf & Skate, Albany $152.00 (I've had them for about 5 years, I think it's time to get some new ones)
Apple iPad - Online Apple Store $879.00
iPhone 3GS - Virgin Mobile $72 a month
Keys - Honda car key, Smiggle Robot Keyring ($2.95) plus various work keys
$1.10 & Sliver Ring
iPhone Headphones (free with iPhone 3GS)
2x Plane Tickets to Melbourne & Accommodation Voucher - Flight Centre, Albany $1292.00
Nexcare Tattoo Plasters - DC Comics Justice League - Woolworths $4.95
That's it.
I have taken the plane tickets out after I did this. They are now in a safe place.
You can see how dusty my room can get. I dusted off my iPad and iPhone before I took the photo and there still managed to be dust in the photo.
I hope you enjoyed my bag.

Princess Geek


  1. 1 - LOOK AT ALL THAT APPLE iPORN! I'll have your phone, kthanx, I'll let you keep Barnaby!

    2 - Moleskine! <3 <3 <3 My planner is a moleskine, they are expencive, but so good. I have a thing about stationary.

  2. OMG don't talk to me about stationery! I'm addicted. I have boxes and boxes of pens and pencils, 100s of empty notebooks. I just love it!!!!