18 July 2010

20 Random Facts About Me

I'm scared of balloons to a point that I can't be in the same room as them. (my sister got 21 balloons for her birthday, and they tried to make me touch one and I cried, I know I'm such a baby)

Of all the books I own, I've probably only read 20% of them.

My father is an Upholsterer and my mother works in superannuation and life insurance.

I have 2 little sisters. K (21) is nothing like me. A (16) is maybe more me, than me.

When I was younger I wanted a puppy. Then I dog sat for a friend, and will never own a dog. Gonna stick to cats.

I have more online friends than offline friends.

My given name is Melissa, but from Birth until highschool I was known as Molly. Now I'm Melissa. :) but my parents still call me Molly (it really confuses people when my sister and I are working together)

Sometimes I'll go into a trance, thinking about how amazing things are. Most recent trance was while I was sitting in my car watching the clouds and it fascinated me how clouds are actually produced)

If I could do anything as a career, I would love to be a police officer (or magazine editor)

I have a heartagram necklace, that I've worn everyday since I first got it (which as far as I remember was 2004)

I've never smoked, done drugs, or been in trouble with the law.

I've been drunk once. I hated it. I haven't drank alcohol since.

my favourite smells are cherry, vanilla and mint.

i don't like bananas, but my favourite flavored milk drink is Banana.

I usually find more "ugly" men more attractive then "beautiful" men.

At highschool I didn't stand up for myself because I didn't want to be banished from the group and have no friends. That is my biggest regret. Now I realise, it would of been better to be lonely and happy, then "popular" and sad.

I've never been to a funeral. And it's something I'm dreading.

I love astronomy. I can pretty much name every constellation in the southern sky.

favourite disney movie is The Little Mermaid

I drive a Honda Jazz named Stanley.

Princess Geek  

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  1. I usually find more "ugly" men more attractive then "beautiful" men. AMEN baby! I have never had an attractive boyfriend haha my dad is also an upholsterererer :)