06 July 2010

Ch... Ch... Ch... Changes

this post is brought to you by "Changes by David Bowie" because no matter how hard you try, you'll never be as cool (or as awesome) as BOWIE!

I don't know how many of you have noticed, but a few changes are happening with my blog. I've decided that I was done with getting lost, and it was time to start acting more like myself.... a Princess, and of course, a Geek.
Things that have changed (for all you that read my blog through Google Reader, or RSS feeds):
  • New Banner.
  • New Layout.
  • and most importantly (and excitedly) new URL, and not just any URL, a custom one. You are now visitors to http://www.theprincessandthegeek.com. No more ".blogspot.com" and smooth sailing from here on in.
Today I decided to change. Everything. The way I think, the way I write, how I communicate with others, and of course my physical appearance, I'm done being stuck in the body, and since science hasn't come up with a way of transmitting all my memories and awesomeness into another body, I'm going to have to change this one. Stupid science, they can take photos of the Big Bang, but not create away for me to be transmitted into Agyness Deyns' body.  BASTARDS!
 So these changes, come with a couple of Mid-Year Resolutions. Or new years resolution for all you Accounting types out there. And here they are:
  • be more social (online and offline) in other words, when your friends invite you out, don't make up some excuse not to go, then spend the night watching Star Trek or Spongebob.
  • Comments more. Because the more I comment, the chance of more traffic to my blog increases, because I will always check out the blogs of people that comment on my friends blog.
  • stop facebook stalking people you don't like, because it always ends in emo-ness.
  • Scribble more & stop buying Notebook (i need to use the ones I have first)
  • and last but not least.... EXERCISE goddammit!
  • oh yeah, and create a machine that will transmit my memories and awesomeness into Agyness (see above)
I'm also, going to stop posting a hundred million times a day (unless you like me posting lots (let me know)) and maybe post some more photos & the aforementioned scribbles. I tried the 365 photo project, but it lasts like 5 days and I forget about it. (GOD I'M TALKATIVE TONIGHT)
Anyway, enough rambling. I'm going to leave you with something NICE, and by nice, I mean hot, and by hot, I mean dirty, and by dirty, I mean SEXY. *girly squee*
he needs to be in my pants right now. (this isn't the whole photo, but I got sick of waiting for it to load so I gave up. But this is pretty much as sexy as it gets)

Princess Geek  



  2. yay mid year resolutions :) im pretty much on par with nearly all of them lovely :) we can like totes motivate each other and shizz.. is that agnes girl in any movies or anything? i swear she looks familiar.. i know shes a model.. lol.. loving the new blog look and the domain *jealous*

  3. It all looks very pretty! I shall go off and update my links now!

    I've never really found Adrian Brody all that attractive, but I watched the ad for the new Predator movie earlier and he looked gooooood!

  4. I like all the new-ness and positive thinking! I will update my blogreader :) can't wait to follow you on this new chapter.

  5. I personally love every post you make, so dont slow it down ;) goodluck for your resolutions x

  6. Thanks guys. Except Anonymous aka Emma. :P