05 July 2010


Listening…Vic Mignogna singing and as a voice actor. He's someone I met at Supanova. He's main claim to fame is as an anime voice actor, but i found out he's also a very talented singer. He actually did an impromptu performance at his seminar at Supanova. He sang Nothing I Won't Give, which he wrote himself, based on Fullmetal Alchemist. It was beautiful.

Reading… The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter by Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook. (for all the "non-cool" people it's about creating the last season (season 4) of Doctor Who) All I know is that John Simm on the front cover is hot. (also David Tennant, but everyone already knows that) Just have a look for yourself....

Watching… Fullmetal Alchemist (anime featuring Vic Mignogna), Tim Burton films (I've already watched James & The Giant Peach and Mars Attack)

Buying… Nothing. I went on a crazy spending spree in Melbourne, so now, NO MORE SPENDING. I have the 30 Seconds To Mars concert coming up in a couple of weeks, and after that, NO MORE until Muse in December. When I go to Perth for 30STM, I will buy one thing, Volume 4 of 4 of Predators comic. I was unable to get it in Melbourne because it was released the day we left. I'm also going to try and see Predators, because I don't think our cinema in Albany is going to show it.

Wanting… My life to be a little bit more organised and structured. Faster internet. INSPIRATION & MOTIVATION!

Trying… to stay positive. lose weight. complain less. cook more. stay organised. to find lost DVDs. to make a DVD shelf. to find myself.

Loving… Ewan McGregor. Nothing I Won't Give by Vic Mignogna. reading awesome blogs. polyvore. Predators comic book (can't wait to see the movie)

Planning… accomodation for 30STM. Whether to park at Challenge Stadium, or take public transport, or bribe someone into driving us and picking us up. a zine.

Writing… not much. I have my tax return to do, which will involve writing. I don't think I'll get any money back this year.

Inspired by… wood grain. skulls. military. tim burton. sea shells. flying. clouds. wes anderson. ewan mcgregor. polyvore. violent comic books. polaroids.

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