12 July 2010

The Hulk v3.

 So, Ed Norton is no longer The Hulk.
From what I've read, Marvel and producers for The Avengers have decided to find someone else to play The Hulk, because Ed Norton was not a "team player" It seems that he's not happy playing "under" Robert Downey Jr (who ultimately would be the "Lead" in The Avengers ensemble cast) and do you know what I say... Good Riddance.

But that got me thinking. Who could replace Ed, who would be the best Hulk. so here's a few of my ideas.
Bradley Cooper
why? he's hot, and since seeing him in The A Team, you know he could pull off the action hero
why not? not sure how he could pull off "angst" and he may be too "pretty"!
Eric Bana
why? urm.... he already has!!!!
why not? they replaced him for a reason.

Gerard Butler
why? just because. All my money (if I had money) is on Gerard. I think he'd be prefect. He can do the action (300) he can do angst and violence (Law Abiding Citizen)
why not? Scottish Hulk??!!

Robert Downey Jr
why? it's Robert Downey Jr, any role he plays he owns
why not? might get a little confusing, considering he is already Iron Man, it would be like the Human Torch and Captain America being played by the same person..... oh wait!

Princess Geek  

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  1. i believe the issue behind norton and the hulk was that marvel couldn't afford him because edward norton has multiple projects going on right now.

    i discovered your blog through 20sb. i agree with the gerard butler hulk idea. i think he would be fabulous!