28 July 2010

Organisation is a Bitch

Today, I decided to finally stop procrastinating and start organising the files on my computer, in particular the pictures.
33GB of photos. Photos I've taken, photos my family members have taken, but mostly photos I've saved off the internet (yes photos of sexy men and pretty girls.... along with others). At the moment, I've got the folder (as is) copying across to my external hard drive, for backup, just in case I accidentally delete a folder I don't want to (which I do... a lot)
So I start out with genre folders, TV, Film, Music etc. then by actor or band in those folders... my main problems are, what do I do with all the photos that don't fit into those categories... and what about Jared Leto??? Film or Music? I don't want them split up... and so on.... It does my head in. For example....
WHERE DO THEY GO? the "Jared Leto" folder, the "Alexander" folder or the "30 Seconds To Mars" folder??? (OMFG he's a sexy cunt =D.... inside joke between Jared and I... well Jared and everyone at the 30 Seconds To Mars concert on Saturday.... I really don't like that word, it's the new "fuck", just like black is the new.... well black) (really that was just an excuse to post these photos.... Hephaistion loves Alexander)
Even now, as I'm typing this, I'm saving more photos to my computer =O MUST STOP!

OKAY, so one hour after starting this post.... I think I have successfully organized my photos. Well kinda.... the "Random" folder is pretty epic. It's not really organization when you just chuck everything into one box.

Just found out that 30 Seconds To Mars will be back in Perth next March for Soundwave. YAY! Off to relax now. Bye-ee

Princess Geek  

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  1. what the hell.. 33gb of pictures alone.. my word thats a lot of pictures hahaha