28 July 2010

Predators Mini Review

Yep, that's right, I've finally seen it, and it was AMAZING. Adrian Brody is sex on legs! His character, Royce, is a lone brooding sexy wolf (not literally) and no matter what Emma tells you... it's mud, no poop. They even talk about it (it apparently hides your body temp from the Predators, because they can only see in infrared). I loved all the characters, but Topher Grace (yes, Eric from That 70s Show) was the best (other than Adrian). His character is a surgeon, but that's all you know, he's smart and kinda a wuss. So why was he chosen to be hunted by the Predators????? (I spent the whole movie trying to figure it out... BTW I was right =P)
Anyway. I can't really say much, because I don't want to ruin it for people (or he'll hurt me). All I can say is... SEE IT... NOW!
There is something about a man with a big gun that I find sexy.

Princess Geek  

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  1. I loove Topher Grace and it's been too long since he was last in a film. Glad the film met (and exceeded?) your expectations. I hate it when it goes the other way. I might have to see this when (and if) it comes to Norway.