04 July 2010

Random Meme

For more information, check out Microcuts version.

You have to choose the ACTORS who will play:
- Yourself a.k.a. the main character
Agyness Deyn

- The true love
Ewan McGregor
- we met once and it was love at first sight, but he had to go back to Scotland, and we didn't swap details. then 5 years later, we run into each other again.

- The "mistake"
Eli Roth
- between the first meeting of True Love. I don't remember much, it includes a bar, maybe some alcohol etc.

- The true love's best friend
Karl Urban

- The Rival
Jason Schwartzman
- we both work for a Marketing agency, and he's my most bitter rival.
- I think there maybe some Jealousy over my friend ship with The Gay Best Friend.

- Dad
Tim Roth

- Brother (or both)
Nick Frost & Simon Pegg (as fraternal twins)

- The best friend
Adrien Brody
  - share an apartment together.

- The gay best friend
Zachary Quinto

- The pet

I really can't be bothered going into details with the "story" All I know, is I love being surrounded by hot men. I also think there maybe something going on between The Rival and The Gay Best Friend.

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