15 July 2010

Things I Love Thursday

  • Babar (you know the elephant?) Today I watched one of the few episodes I remembered. The Phantom of the Opera one. It was EPIC.
  • Kratt Brothers. 2 Brothers from America, who have a nature tv series called Be The Creature, where each episode they are with a different type of creature and try and see if they could survive as them. It's really funny, it's a teen-young adult series, that's on ABC3 at 11.15am every weekday. I haven't been able to find the DVDs so I may have to download it.
  • Bands I Love: 30 Seconds To Mars (for obvious reasons), There For Tomorrow (new band I only discovered yesterday. They are going to be at Soundwave next year, so I downloaded their album, and they're good, if you like pop/emo music)
  • Bored To Death. Jason Schwartzman & Zach Galifianakis. I also like Ted Danson as Jonathon (Jason Schwartzman) pot smoking, ladies man boss.
  • NZ trip. Next October (2011) I'm going to New Zealand. I have decided. Either on my own, or with dad. it's all just talk at the moment, but I'm thinking 3 weeks will be enough time.
  • Work Colleagues that read my blog (Hi Guys!) I will try and not bitch about you much =D
  • Gala Darling. I have rediscovered my love for this women. Next pay I might shell out and purchase a subscription to Love & Sequins

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