22 July 2010

Things I Love Thursday

As much as I feel like shit (stupid toothache) today it finally hit me that I'm going to be seeing 30 Seconds To Mars on Saturday. Some one returned a copy of Chapter 27 (which has a picture of Jared Leto on the cover (albeit a fat Jared Leto)) and it hit me. I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat. But even so, I'm still freaking out about it. For a couple of reasons. 1) obviously my tooth ache, and 2) someone is going to be at the concert and I really don't want to run into them, it's been over a year since we stopped talking, and I just don't really want to see her... but I'll get over it, because I have too.

I've been listening to HIM again. All their older music, and I'm in love... again. Ville's voice. OMG. If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life... I would choose HIM.

Notable Mentions.
  • Customers who think I judge them because of the films they watch. 
  • Finally get to see Predators on Sunday (hopefully). 
  • Cheese Pizza for dinner. 
  • Sending emails to stores asking if they have something you want and getting an email back saying they do and have already put it aside for you.
  • Runaways - Saw Captain America in the volume I finished last night. Just started Series 2.
  • Eyebrow Wax tomorrow. It's true I love it. I hate having people touch my face, but for some reason I like getting my eyebrows waxed (except the pain) but then I have sexy eyebrows again =D

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