30 July 2010


I'm sick. I have a head cold. It's annoying. I have work tonight and then Saturday and Sunday morning. But I'll survive. There will probably won't be any "real" posts for the next couple of days.
Watching The Simpsons. I just watched to episode where Topher Grace does the voice of Donnie. I've seriously watched a hundred episodes today.
I really don't like feeling snuffed up :(
Last night I watched American Psycho and yes I did have a nightmare that involved Christian Bale and a chainsaw... Stupid movie. I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything special. Christian Bales American accent annoys me, why can't he just talk normally, with his sexy English/Welsh accent :) I need to find a movie were he's speaking normally, The New World I think :)
Anyhoo, good night (even if it's only 3.30pm)

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