31 July 2010

You Can Ignore This If You Want.

Watching Reign Of Fire.
Have a cold and a toothache, I want the tooth out, but once it's out I need to get my braces on quick, but I can't afford them *sigh*
Sorry about the lack of 30 Day Project. Just not in the mood to post. Being sick and working everyday is quite tiring.
You know how I went and saw Predators in Perth because Albany wasn't going to show it, well guess what? It starts in Albany this Thursday. Hahaha, I'm going to go see it again, if I can afford too.
Christian Bale talking with his real accent, not the fake American accent.
Had a weird dream about a girl I worked with and there being a huge music festival in town and there was a million people there, and I had to meet up with her, but couldn't find her. I got so frustrated. When I woke up I was so glad it was just a dream.
The pain killers have kicked in now and my tooth doesn't hurt.
Now for a slightly emo revelation.
I hate being me.
Not all the time, just now. Being sick and having crap teeth and not being able to afford braces and car payments and to pay off my credit card. I want a new job, but I just don't have the confidence to find one, which all comes down to being overweight :( it's a vicious fucking circle.

Anyhoo, enough emo-ness for tonight, sorry about that last part, if I could afford a psychologist I would so go. But because I'm poor, I'll just have to settle for you guys.


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