16 August 2010

16th August 2010

I'm sorry dad, I don't care if there is a thunderstorm I want to blog and plays Sims 3.
So guess what? I had jury duty today, and i was effing chosen =( but It's going to be a very interesting experience and the others in the Jury are nice, and one of my old school friends mum is there, so I'm not a complete emo longer.
Watched Kick Ass today, it was freaking awesome. So violent, but it could of been even better. The comics are amazing violent and graphic, I wish the movie had made it to a R18+ rating, but no, it's only MA15+. I loved Hit Girl and Big Daddy.
Then I watched The Rebound with Catherine Zeta Jones and Justin Bartha. It was good. A good feel good movie. I love Justin Bartha.
Playing Sims 3 now. I'm "re-addicted". I blame fast internet and custom content downloading. My sim, Sylar Lennox is an investigator, who rides a green Harley Davidson (known in The Sims as "The Beast") He's skinny and has no muscle, and pretty much looks like your stereotypical geek. But only because I started out with him being a geek that lives at the Comic Book store, but decided it was too boring so I moved him out and made him into an awesome private investigator.... well until I get bored and turn him into something different.

Anyway, the weather is starting to get really grumpy so I'm off now. Ta-ta

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