20 August 2010

900th Post!

How amazing. 900 posts! I'm going to try and make 1000 by my birthday! which is November 20th. I've decided to make this a fashion post. It's pretty much a "what I'd wear if I could wear whatever I wanted" post!

First off. I need to show you this amazingly awesome swimsuit I just found. Too bad it's $259.00 (I'd never pay that much for a swimsuit) and only comes in size SMALL.

We Are Handsome Africa Lion Swimsuit. Isn't it awesome? It just roars!! (pun intended). Anyway, for you guys that don't know, I use Polyvore for my fashion fix. I don't usually go searching for clothes because it makes me depressed, because there is so much out there I just can't have, because it's too expensive, and I'm too fat! I started out on Polyvore creating ultra geeky fashion sets. But as time has passed my fashion sense and style has changed.

That was my very first Polyvore set (2 years ago) and it pretty much describes me at that time in my life. I would still love to one day get into a pair of red skinny jeans =D

The first year of Polyvore I spent creating sets for Roleplays. But I got bored with it after awhile. Then I started creating fashion sets for me. I didn't care what everyone else was doing, and it's showed as of this second I have over 40,000 set views and over 2,000 set faves.
I went through a Streampunk phase. It didn't last long, but I managed to make some really awesome sets.

This was my first try at Streampunk, and is where my Military obsession started.

Then the dreaded "Scene" phase. Scene was what I can only descibe as Technicolour Emo. It's bright and childish, and it was so fun. I didn't personally turn scene, but on Polyvore my sets began to turn Scene.

This is one of my highest faved sets. Just by looking at it you can pretty much understand Scene. My Scene phase lasted awhile, but slowly turned to Geek Chic.

This is one of my personal favourites. I stopped making Collages (like the Scene set). Geek lasted for awhile, technically it's still there, but nowaday my sets are less trend and more awesome.

Here are some of my current sets.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to check out all my sets (there are a few) a Polyvore

Princess Geek  


  1. youre so good with styling of every kind, whether it be clothes or house.. i bet you would make a great designer or decorator :)

    ps. makes me so angry when they only have size small in things i really want. like in temt and valley girl, i went on thursday and everything i thought was cute they only had in small.. RAGE!

  2. thanks. I've been interested in design, but you know that =D I really love your tumblr. it looks really cool. =D I love tumblr for posting photos... all I do is reblog =D
    I guess the reasons stores only have small is because it's the only size left =D I'd be happy just to be able to shop of Temt and Valley Girl =D

  3. HAPPY 900th Post!

    That swimsuit is amazing, but crazy expencive. I love Blackmilk (http://shop.blackmilkclothing.com/) body suits. He doesn't have swimsuits in, but he's making them. They are similar, and cheaper. But that lion one is amazing.

    So very much in love with the bottom 3 polyvore sets too!

  4. Aaaaaagh, wow, I love all those outfits!!!!!!! i love the whole military boots with pretty dresses look, its my dressed-up-casual look :)

    Looo-ooo-oooved this post.