01 August 2010

Day 12 — Whatever tickles your fancy

Since I sorted out my photos on my computer (well kind of) I thought I'd post a "blast from the past" picspam, using only pictures I already have on my computer.

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Elijah Wood - oh those eyes!
Cedric Diggory - I actually have a poster like this somewhere.
Spike - Will always be the sexiest vampire in my book.
Oh Noes... Eomer has the Ring! Mmmm... Karl Urban
Sam Rockwell as Zaphod (The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)
Jackson Rathbone - The only good thing about the Twilight Saga
Mige & Ville Valo. Bass player and Singer of my favouritest band in the Universe, HIM
My Chemical Romance (The Black Parade era) how can I tell? Gerard had blonde hair!
The Used. Awesome.
Did you enjoy it. I was a little random... okay, completely random. And sorry for mass spammage, but I'm trying to make up for missed days.

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