23 August 2010

you're insane, but you might also be brilliant

Duromine - Day 4. Haven't eaten as much as I would of usually over the last 4 days, so it works. And I haven't felt hungry, but I've felt empty. Sleeping is okay. It takes me a really long time to get to sleep, I spend a little while tossing and turning, but I assume I fall asleep at some point. It hasn't got any worse since the first day, but I'm still hoping it doesn't get any worse.

I decided to check out eBay again. I stopped because I got a little addicted, but I thought, just a little look. I ended up buying a pair of Tortoise Frame Ray Ban Wayfarers for $40 with free postage. They're coming from Hong Kong, so there is a chance they will be fakes, but if they look like Ray Bans and work as sunglasses, I'll be happy, and if they're real, I'll be stoked =D
This is the photo from the listing. You can't really see the Tortoise frame, but I'm in love. I looked up how to tell the difference between fake and real Ray Bans, and from what I saw in the photos on the listing, all looks good, but I need to have them in my hand and look at them closely.

I started following Tim Roth on Twitter. It's a verified account and there is lots of photos of the cast of Lie To Me. I found out last night that Mr T Roth, backed out of playing Snape in Harry Potter. Could you imagine how epic Harry Potter would of been if...
... was Severus Snape? Not saying that Alan Rickman is doing a bad job. I love Alan Rickman, but holy crap people. Tim Roth would of fucking ruled. But that's okay, that's life. If everyone who was meant to play certain characters played them, Inglourious Basterds just wouldn't be as Epically awesome. Adam Sandler as the Bear Jew.... no thanks.

Anyway. I'm off now. I have an ultrasound to see if I have PCOS, or if I'm just crazy. I really need to pee, but I can't because I'm not allowed =(

Princess Geek

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