21 August 2010

Election Day & Other Nonsense

It's election day. I voted. Did you? I got in there, ignored all the people at the front that hand you things and lined up. WHO THE FUCK WAS I GOING TO VOTE FOR? It wasn't easy like last time. Do I vote for the women, because well, she's a women, or do I vote for the man, because well, he's a man. Or do I vote for another party, knowing that in the end their votes get given to the 2 main parties anyway. PS I know nothing about politics. I voted. I don't remember who for now, that's how sure of who I was voting for. I didn't want to do a donkey vote... I thought about writing DARTH VADER on the ballot paper, but decided that I touched the paper and my fingerprints were on it, so if they wanted they could find me.

Saw my cousin Logan today. He's so grown up now, almost has all his teeth, can walk, still can't really talk, but he does the cute "trying to talk". I had a conversation with him (I didn't understand anything he was saying) but it was awesome. Then he was helping my aunt (and his) and his mum (my aunt) pick lemons, and we'd pull the lemons of the tree and the tree with shake and recoil and he would laugh so much, it was so cute. He's such a little boy, he laughs at boy things, like when you throw such at people and it hits them, and when you drop something. Next Saturday I'm hoping to look after him all day. I hope so.

Duromine - Day 1 review. Full of energy all day, ate 2 meals, didn't snack at all, didn't even spend the whole day drinking Pepsi Max. At 11pm I felt tired. I thought maybe I wouldn't suffer from Insominia, so I went to bed. OH was I wrong. I've never even felt like that. I've had nights where I can't sleep because my brain is going a million miles an hour, but this was different, my brain was quiet, I really wanted to sleep, I snuggled in, closed my eyes and NOTHING! I just couldn't sleep. Luckily my clock is broken, so I didn't know what time it was. I assume I did manage to get to sleep, because I remember it being dark and closing my eyes, and then waking up and it was morning. But that feeling of completely empty brain, but not being able to sleep is quite strange. But in saying that, I don't feel tired this morning, but that could be because I have taken another Duromine tablet this morning =D At the moment, I'm feeling empty, but not hungry. I'm waiting for mum to come home with lunch. I have the long shift at work tonight. 1pm to 8pm. I like it, because there is always someone else there.

Don't forget to leave your suggestion for my photo project. I've got one so far from VanessaValkyria (thanks... PS guys.... check out her blog. It's awesome).

Currently listening to: Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment. I bought it off iTunes after an American friend raved about it. Yesterday I bought the Australian version CD (which has a different... awesomer cover... which I can't find online, so I'll have to scan it later) I'd only listened to the singles until now. The whole album is awesome. DON'T JUDGE ME =P

Anyway. This post is very wordy. So here is my newest Polyvore set. After my post yesterday, I decided to recreate the "Geek Chic" style I love.... I think I did well.

Jeans & Tee

I want everything in that set, especially the Zombie wallet and green Casio watch.
I just found the coolest Dr Martens ever, but unfortunately they're photo-shopped, which is really really sad, because I want them ALL.
found: fallie
I really need to save and get myself a pair of Dr Martens... there is just so many different designs I don't know what to get, maybe just classic black for now.

Princess Geek  


  1. The Doc Martens look like a Vortex!!! :O I can imagine a TARDIS in the fabric/pattern/whatever xD the perfect boots for a doctor :P

  2. I want that wallet so so so badly! The only shop online I've found that has it in stock is Torrid & they want $30 shipping. There are 2 in ebay stores, but it still works out around $50. I was hoping to save for one... maybe i'll get one eventually! My wallet is falling apart!

    And oh how I wish those docs were real!