20 August 2010

Feeling Good

Took my first Duromine tablet today, and as far as I know, it's working. I felt hungry before I took it and then within an hour afterwards I wasn't hungry, and I feel like I'm full of energy. I even went for a walk! I know right! EXERCISE! I walked from Middleton Beach along the board walk (which is UPHILL) to the Marine Drive look out and back, It's only about 2 kilometres in total and it took me 26 minutes.... but it's Exercise. Now I'm just feeling so good about myself. Why is it so hard to get started, but once it's done, you feel so good. So after this post I'm going to vacuum. Don't give me funny looks, with the size of the house, it's bound to be a workout. Just turn the music up and go!!!

I want to see this movie....
Michael Fassbender is one of my favourite actors. He looks so cool with the tattoos. I also recently found out that he (Michael Fassbender) is going to play Magneto in the new Xmen films coming out! I was so excited when I found out I literally almost fell off my chair.... seriously!
I took a fall yesterday. Luckily I'm okay. Because we are still renovating, we use a milk crate as a step, and being my size, it's rather daunting, well last night it decided it didn't like me and I fell, luckily I fell forward onto the deck and not backwards or I would I hit my head, and considering I sat on the deck crying for about 10 minutes before anyone noticed, If I had fallen back and hit my head I don't think anyone would of noticed until they wondered why I hadn't come home yet. I wasn't hurt, I have a little bruise on my shin, but dad got upset because he's building the real stairs and he feels bad for going so slow with them. But it's not his fault, it's mine, I should of walked around the deck and not used the step.
Anyway as you can probably see, I am a whirling ball of energy. I started this post a 1.10pm and it's now 1.14pm.... yep all this is 4 minutes. I will have to go through and use the spell checker because there are a look of red lines =D any way I'm off. Might be back later, so keep your eyes open!

Princess Geek  

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