28 August 2010

Idiots & Pretty Flowers

The town I live in is ran by idiots. today I was reading Thursday's newspaper, and was so shocked by what I read. A man in Albany started a facebook group to petition for Big W to open in town. The city council rejected Big W a couple of weeks ago. Well the man, has been "asked" by his boss to close the page down, or he'll lose his job. Because local businesses don't want to deal with a business that employs someone that doesn't support local business. FUCK YOU! I want Big W! I care about local businesses, but I also care about variety, and albany has over 25,000 people, I think we should get a Big W, or at least get to vote. Also 3 of the council members are sueing the council, but won't stand down. so they're sueing themselves???? YOU'RE ALL IDIOTS! YOU ALL SHOULD BE FIRED!

Today I went out with my dad to look for orchids. And we found some. My favourite flowers in the whole world, they only grow around here. They're called Queen of Sheba orchids and they're amazing. Just have a look.
They grow on tall thin stem and usually have 1-3 flowers on them, today we found one that had SEVEN flowers on one stem...
They come like these, and sometimes with less purple and more pink, we didn't find any pink ones today. They're quite small, the top photo was the size of an (Australian) 50c piece, but they're usually the size of an (Australian) 20c piece. I wish I could have one in my room, but it's illegal to pick them, and I wouldn't, and they only flower in the sun (they're sun orchids) and they only last about 5 days, before they die.

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