15 August 2010

Melissa is...

... waiting for The Pagemaster to download. Do you remember it? I remember watching it in my primary school library during a rainy lunchtime. My little sister messaged me last night asking if we had it at Blockbuster. (fyi she now works at Video Ezy... we're slowly taking over the world) and I thought... "we have fast internet now. I'll download it" but because there isn't many seeders it's really slow. Hopefully it will be finished so I can watch it tomorrow.
Also, this is slightly random, but completely awesome. Nigel (at work) signed up a new member. After he left Nigel showed me the membership form.... Dean Winchester. I know right. OMG. For you that don't get the sheer awesomeness of this (shame on you) Dean Winchester is a character in a tv series called Supernatural, played by Jensen Ackles. (below - he's the hot one)
Nigel was saying that Dean (Albany Dean) can't get facebook, because of his name, which I think is a load of poo, because Albany Dean was around a lot longer than Supernatural Dean.... and plus Supernatural Dean isn't even a real person.
I really should start watching Supernatural again. I only made it halfway through season 1, but I really want to see the angel (whatever his name is) because I'm constantly getting spammed on Tumblr about him.

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