22 August 2010

Polyvore/Me Meme/Tiny Picspam

Today I was bored (I should be cleaning) so I made 2 polyvore sets dedicated to 2 blogger/polyvore buddies.

Do you girls like them? It took a lot of blog and polyvore stalking to figure out what you liked =D You're both so different and that's awesome.
Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today. I did go to Bunnings to get 2 new shelves for my book shelf (only got charged for one, thanks stupid checkout boy =D) My bookshelf is currently half empty. Also, does anyone know what I've done with my box of Nintendo 64 games? I can't find them anywhere. I'm sure they'll show up. I just had this urge to play Donkey Kong.

I have a new meme to do. I found it while trolling Jordan's blogger (FYI - she's abandoned us and moved to Tumblr... check it out.) So here it is. More random information to add to your "stalking" folder.

1. Where is your cell phone: in front of me. Within reach. Did I mention it's an iPhone?
2. Your hair: Short, messy, almost back to it's natural colour.
3. Your mother: Superannuation/ Managed Funds person (can't think of the right word)
4. Your father: Upholsterer/ Part time Bicycle Mechanic. Flies model airplanes and rides a Penny Farthing
5. Your favourite food: Chicken Spring Rolls from Leonard's Chicken.
6. Your dream from last night: Something to do with the buys from Miami Ink. I remember talking about Ani & Garver, but I don't remember if they were actually in the dream. (in looking up how to spell "Garver" I found out that Kat Von D is dating Jesse James... she seems like his type... LOL)
7. Your favourite drink: Pepsi Max
8. Your dream/goal: I would love to own my own comic book/awesome store, but in Albany it wouldn't work. I also would like to either be a Interior Decorator, or run my own Magazine of Awesomeness.
9. What room are you in: My bedroom, in all it's messy glory
10. What are your hobbies: Don't have any "Hobbies" as such, but blogging takes up a lot of my time, so I guess you could say that. I also like to read, and I don't mind a little bit of Gardening every now and then.
11. What is your fear: Balloons, not being able to have children.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: In a relationship, or have been in a relationship. is 6 years I'll be 30 *epic sadface*
13. Where were you yesterday: Work for most of the day. It was election day, so lots of people wanted movies, and then it rained so it got even busier.
14. Something you are not: Skinny. But I don't want to be skinny, just not Obese. I'm even fine with being Overweight =D
15. Muffins: Chocolate Chip
16. Wish list items: MOST CURRENT WISHLIST.
17. Where did you grow up: Albany. Been here my whole life.
18. Last thing you did: Cooked Apple and Walnut upside down cake. It looks and smells GOOD!
19. What are you wearing: Blue jeans, and crap green top (because I was helping my little sister dye her jeans pink.)
20. Your TV: Too big and slowly dying. There is a rather bright pink splodge right in the middle. It has something to do with magnets or something. I don't know. As soon as it dies I'm buying a new one... and LED one =D
21. Your pets: PC & Cous Cous (both Ginger cats), Trillian and Slarti (2 Weeros), numerous other birds.
22. Your friends: Mostly online. I have a couple of friends in town. Most of them are friends of my friend, but we're all friends.
23. Your life: Stale.
24. Your mood: Content.
25. Missing someone: No.
26. Vehicle: Stanley, the Misty Violet Honda Jazz (it was his 2nd birthday on August 8th)
27. Something you're not wearing: shoes.
28. Your favourite store: Quality Comic (in Perth), any bookstore, http://www.fishpond.com.au
29. Your favourite colour: Green
30. When's the last time you laughed: Yesterday when hanging with Logan, but may have laughed since then, but can't really recall.
31. When's the last time you cried: Watching The Blind Side a couple of days ago.
32. Your best friend: I don't have a "best" friend.

That was fun. Here's some random images.
flat cat. SOOOOO CUTE!


favourite couple. Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer

Goodnight readers. Have a nice evening. I'm going to take some photos for the Photo Project, so don't forget to leave your suggestion (HINT HINT).

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