22 August 2010

Polyvore/Me Meme/Tiny Picspam

Today I was bored (I should be cleaning) so I made 2 polyvore sets dedicated to 2 blogger/polyvore buddies.

Do you girls like them? It took a lot of blog and polyvore stalking to figure out what you liked =D You're both so different and that's awesome.
Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today. I did go to Bunnings to get 2 new shelves for my book shelf (only got charged for one, thanks stupid checkout boy =D) My bookshelf is currently half empty. Also, does anyone know what I've done with my box of Nintendo 64 games? I can't find them anywhere. I'm sure they'll show up. I just had this urge to play Donkey Kong.

I have a new meme to do. I found it while trolling Jordan's blogger (FYI - she's abandoned us and moved to Tumblr... check it out.) So here it is. More random information to add to your "stalking" folder.

1. Where is your cell phone: in front of me. Within reach. Did I mention it's an iPhone?
2. Your hair: Short, messy, almost back to it's natural colour.
3. Your mother: Superannuation/ Managed Funds person (can't think of the right word)
4. Your father: Upholsterer/ Part time Bicycle Mechanic. Flies model airplanes and rides a Penny Farthing
5. Your favourite food: Chicken Spring Rolls from Leonard's Chicken.
6. Your dream from last night: Something to do with the buys from Miami Ink. I remember talking about Ani & Garver, but I don't remember if they were actually in the dream. (in looking up how to spell "Garver" I found out that Kat Von D is dating Jesse James... she seems like his type... LOL)
7. Your favourite drink: Pepsi Max
8. Your dream/goal: I would love to own my own comic book/awesome store, but in Albany it wouldn't work. I also would like to either be a Interior Decorator, or run my own Magazine of Awesomeness.
9. What room are you in: My bedroom, in all it's messy glory
10. What are your hobbies: Don't have any "Hobbies" as such, but blogging takes up a lot of my time, so I guess you could say that. I also like to read, and I don't mind a little bit of Gardening every now and then.
11. What is your fear: Balloons, not being able to have children.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: In a relationship, or have been in a relationship. is 6 years I'll be 30 *epic sadface*
13. Where were you yesterday: Work for most of the day. It was election day, so lots of people wanted movies, and then it rained so it got even busier.
14. Something you are not: Skinny. But I don't want to be skinny, just not Obese. I'm even fine with being Overweight =D
15. Muffins: Chocolate Chip
16. Wish list items: MOST CURRENT WISHLIST.
17. Where did you grow up: Albany. Been here my whole life.
18. Last thing you did: Cooked Apple and Walnut upside down cake. It looks and smells GOOD!
19. What are you wearing: Blue jeans, and crap green top (because I was helping my little sister dye her jeans pink.)
20. Your TV: Too big and slowly dying. There is a rather bright pink splodge right in the middle. It has something to do with magnets or something. I don't know. As soon as it dies I'm buying a new one... and LED one =D
21. Your pets: PC & Cous Cous (both Ginger cats), Trillian and Slarti (2 Weeros), numerous other birds.
22. Your friends: Mostly online. I have a couple of friends in town. Most of them are friends of my friend, but we're all friends.
23. Your life: Stale.
24. Your mood: Content.
25. Missing someone: No.
26. Vehicle: Stanley, the Misty Violet Honda Jazz (it was his 2nd birthday on August 8th)
27. Something you're not wearing: shoes.
28. Your favourite store: Quality Comic (in Perth), any bookstore, http://www.fishpond.com.au
29. Your favourite colour: Green
30. When's the last time you laughed: Yesterday when hanging with Logan, but may have laughed since then, but can't really recall.
31. When's the last time you cried: Watching The Blind Side a couple of days ago.
32. Your best friend: I don't have a "best" friend.

That was fun. Here's some random images.
flat cat. SOOOOO CUTE!


favourite couple. Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer

Goodnight readers. Have a nice evening. I'm going to take some photos for the Photo Project, so don't forget to leave your suggestion (HINT HINT).

Princess Geek  


  1. wow! everything in that picture was something i either have or like.. you know me too well :) im definitely going to do one for you!
    and you will find your love one day :) one of my best friends had never had a girlfriend and after his 26th birthday met this girl and they now live together! just count yourself lucky you can go straight to a prince before kissing/meeting/wasting time on the frogs :D

    haha the word verification is supsyb, its funny.. i dont know why.

  2. I'm glad you like it. It took a while, I had to stalk your blog and polyvore :)
    I'm not too fussed about finding love at the moment, I'm going to work on me first :)