05 August 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday...
  • Clean bedroom. I finally got sick of being surrounded with crap, so I've cleaned up. Found a couple of things I was looking for, which is always a good thing.
  • my blog buddy Emma has opened her online store. She makes beaded jewelery and it all looks awesome. check it out.
  • 30 Day Project is going well. I've missed some days and posted more than once on others, I'm not really following the rules, but since it's my blog I can break the rules. Like I mentioned previously I'm stuck of Day 13 - A Fictional Book. Might have to skip it and come back to it later.
  • First Audio Post was post on Tuesday. It was mainly done so my American friends on LJ could listen and laugh at my accent, which I still don't believe I have =D but can't wait to go overseas and have one =D
  • PAY RISE! going from $18 an hour to $20, and we get back pay from July 1st.
  • new FUTURAMA. I know season 6 has been out for awhile, but I downloaded the first episode last night and it was awesome. I can't to download more.
  • Feeling less bloated, because I'm currently on a "semi" detox. I've generally just cut down on the Pepsi Max and started drinking more water. I'm considering cutting out sugar. Last time I did it I managed to go almost a month without sugar.
I found my favourite scarf (just in time for spring) doh!
Australia has the bestest Scott Pilgrim poster... if you ignore Michael Cera

Things I Hate Thursday...
  • The possibility that Soundwave 2011 will be crap, so far the only band I like that is going is 30 Seconds To Mars, but I'm not paying $150 to see them again. There was news of a leaked list (which is made official tonight 10pm WA Time) and the head liner is apparently Iron Maiden. I am not a fan. Also on the list is Rob Zombie, Slayer, Slash.... mostly metal bands that I don't like. Hopefully the leak was fake, and if not, hopefully the second announcement will have some "good" bands.
  • Freaking huge, painful bruise from where the stupid nurse was poking me trying to take my blood. And it's freaking swollen too.
  • I think my computer has a virus. When I hit the Windows button the start menu comes up empty, until I run my mouse over it and the words appear =(
I want the middle shirt, but they don't make them anymore =(
  • People who let their children run around stores and do whatever the fuck they want. it's a long story but here's the short version. 2 girls. aged 6-9 (not sure). throwing DVDs at each other. DVD hits another kid. kid screams. parents of screaming kids comes running. guess who parent yells at? ME! because apparently it's my fault because I work here... and it's not the fucking parent of the girls. who at this point are just standing watching me get yelled at. I stayed calm. I told her, it was out of my control. so she said she was never coming back. good fucking riddance.
That's it for today. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know in the comments the things you love this Thursday.

Princess Geek  

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