13 September 2010


Currently Downloading Season 4 of LOST, for one reason....
...This Man...
Martin Keamy
played by Kevin Durand.

Today was my first "real" shift at Target.
I got to standing at the entrance and say hello to everyone.
and check their bags.
and generally be nice and smilely.
for 5 hours!
it was awesome.
I had a conversation with an older man about DVDs for about 40 minutes.
then he left.
then 2 hours later he came back because he wanted to tell me about a book series.
a series by Janet Evanovich.
I'm having a look now.
He was such a nice man.
Him and his wife travel around australia in a motor home.
I'll do that one day.

Off to Weight Watchers now.

Princess Geek  

1 comment:

  1. Glad you had a good first day! I miss working, I miss the customer interaction! I guess I never had any overly bad customers, so I always found it good!

    My parents own a motorhome & travel around Australia when they can!